23 Things To Do After Failing A Test

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | June 2, 2017

And this is not a positive and encouraging guide to overcome failure…



Have you been having too much fun during your Erasmus program abroad? Did that result in failing a test/exam? Are you thinking of getting in studies right after that? Meh.


Here is the list of things you can do after failing a test.

  1. Say it proudly and loud, “I failed my exam”! (Such things happen, you can do better next time..)
  2. Eat a big cake/ice cream, you have a valid excuse
  3. Cry because of eating 3ooo calories at one time for a lame excuse
  4. Do online shopping (you are in a bad mood, you have a decent right to treat yourself!)
  5. Eat another piece of cake
  6. Watch Netflix all day
  7. Have a sweet nap
  8. Search on the internet how important that test for your future is
  9. Get desperate and check what professions you can still be in
  10. Complain your Erasmus roommates how unfair life is
  11. Ask your classmates who else has failed so you would not feel the only stupido in a class
  12. Eat some good food
  13. Check the syllabus to check the amount of points not to fail the class
  14. Realize that you are not screwed and eat another piece of cake to celebrate the “success”
  15. Lay down and stare into the wall thinking of possible answers you could give (but did not) for exam questions
  16. Stalk the professor and beg for an extra credit
  17. Promise yourself to do better next time
  18. With a new idea, start writing a list of things you can do to prepare for the next test
  19. Watch you tube to cheer yourself up
  20. Call your best friends and make sure they failed too
  21. Drink together
  22. Cry together
  23. Agree with your friends to make this day aka “after exam fail tradition”, because you know you will have such situation again

What do you do after failing the exam? Share with us in comments below?


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