5 Things That Will Surprise You In Warsaw

Posted by Halima Benslimane | April 5, 2017

Warsaw is not only the capital of Poland but also the biggest city in the country. Its emblematic figure is a mermaid holding a sword and a shield. Apart of that, what else do you know about the city of Warsaw? Once you are in Warsaw, you will realize that it offers so many things you were not expecting to see or experience before coming.


The first thing that hits everyone when you visit Warsaw for the first time is its architecture. As you might know, during World War II, the city was completely destroyed. Since then, it was rebuilt an renovated; the beauty of the Warsaw buildings and streets do not even give a sign that earlier there were only ruins. The best thing about Warsaw architecture is that the blend of both old and modern buildings create a special atmosphere in the capital of Poland. Walking along the streets of skyscrapers, you can still meet some blocs that were ghettos from the war time. In the city center, you can admire so many beautiful modern buildings; Złote Tarasy, for example, have a fully glassed roof, which looks absolutely spectacular!
In addition, such building as the Palace of Culture and Science is not that new but still looks impressive and makes the city center one of the hot points for tourists. It’s gorgeous from both outside and inside; if you ever have a chance to visit it, you will be lifted to the 31st floor where you can have a beautiful view of Warsaw in few seconds.
Another surprising thing about Warsaw is prices for groceries and clothes. Often, foreigners who come to Warsaw expect prices to be really high as they are originally for tourists, for example. Yet, Poland is one of the best countries for shopping; in addition to a very good quality of the goods, the prices are very reasonable. Warsaw is also popular for its great number of shopping molls and shops. From shoes to furniture, it is worth to consider shopping for them in Poland. If you are looking for really great deals, you should definitely check out this article.
Food Places
What is also surprising about Poland is the way how the restaurants and cafes make you come back all over again. First of all, you can go to really nice places without worrying about how much it would cost;  going back to the previous point, the prices are reasonable. One of the restaurants, which may surprise you is a Polish restaurant called Podwale located in the old town of Warsaw. Not only the Polish food is different from anything you know, but also in this restaurant waiters are serving the food in very big portions (Definitely worth visiting for hungry Erasmus students). Moreover, this is the place where you can feel polish culture as the restaurant is decorated as traditional Polish restaurant with waiters wearing traditional clothes. There are a lot of such places around Poland, which make you come back over and over again and later stop by a new food place to explore its specialty.
The City Never Sleeps
If you ever had a chance to travel to Warsaw at night, you would definitely notice that the city is alive even at night! Try to remind yourself those times when you went outside in your city and the streets were empty, there were no transport noise, and all places were closed. Warsaw is not that kind of city; you will see young students grabbing some night food in Subway or any other place open that time, night buses full of people coming back from party or night shift, and even workers renovating the tram track. There seem to be no time when Warsaw is calm and quiet; partially, this is what makes it special and alive.
So Much Going On
Warsaw has so much to offer in terms of events, activities, parties, gatherings, and many other things you can be involved in during your free time! April in Warsaw can be already busy for you if you check out the Facebook events around Warsaw. The problem that appears here is which event to choose; either you want to party, attend training meeting, go to international students’ gathering, or participate in speed dating event, there is so many things to choose from! You will be surprised not only with quantity of the things going on in Warsaw but also with its creativity and unusual content. Time in Warsaw is definitely time for exploring new things and meeting other people!
We hope Warsaw surprises only with its best sides 🙂 If you have any comments or questions-feel free to contact Pepe Housing Team!
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