5 Ways To Capture Your Erasmus Experience

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | May 15, 2017

Erasmus semester is a unique experience for everyone! That is why we would like to share with you some hints how to capture your best Erasmus program memories.


Make Pictures and Videos

Of course, taking pictures from Erasmus parties and trips is an obvious thing to do. Yet, having so many pictures of the same theme may be a little bit boring. That is why you may think of creative ways to get a great shot. It can be either you jumping on a beautiful background, standing/running the same on every picture, or even posing with the same funny face. It is up to you to decide which way you want your pictures to be.

As for videos, try to have one theme for your so-called vlog. You can film not only yourself talking into camera but also your friends. Try to film interesting conversations and funny moments with them to. You will be so happy to watch it and laugh remembering the time on Erasmus.

Start a Journal/Scrapbook

Well this is of course a time-consuming thing to do; yet, reading your Erasmus story and noticing little notes and drawings in the journal will definitely recreate a picture of the story you will be reading. A great thing about journal is that you can describe there everything to every single detail. If you are that kind of person who likes writing, this is a thing for you!

A scrapbook is similar to journal but the content is different.  A scrapbook is basically a collection of momentos from different places. This can be either tickets to a museum, brochure from the bar, or little pics of the shop you have been in. Next to them you write addresses, names, or small doodles, which will bring even more joy when reminding those moments.

Do A Blog for Your Family

It does sound weird that you need to create blog for your family if you want o capture memories for yourself; but let me explain you the idea behind it. We all can relate ourselves to situation when your family wants to know as many details about your experience abroad as possible. Sometimes, you cannot even finish a call because your mom keeps asking you all those details that may not even seem important for you.

Creating blog for your family will be beneficial for both of you. On the one hand, your close people will know more what is happening with you abroad. On the other hand, when coming back home from Erasmus you can open the blog some time later and read it just to remind yourself how everything looked back then. You will read your stories from different perspective with many more details included, which you would never wanted to capture for yourself.

Collect Items

Going to any place on Erasmus program, try to thing of any items you could take back home and have them as a reminder of you craziest time in life. This can be either a beer coaster from  the bar or photo pros from the event. It is up to you what item to pick; the main thing is that it will serve you as a memory of the moments you got them in the first place.


Send Postcards to Yourself

When being away from home, you may now want to spend to much time doing all that mentioned before. Instead, you can buy a couple of postcards and send them to your home address. Try to find special ones ignoring general postcards with architecture or building. We bet that a postcard of the street you have been walking on the way to your Erasmus University is much more better.

Do you have more ideas for capturing your precious memories? Do not hesitate to share with us!

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