7 Reasons Why Sharing A Flat is Awesome

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | May 12, 2017

Are you planning to share a flat on Erasmus program but have doubts? Get to know the main reasons why it is awesome to share a flat.


Doing Things Together

Erasmus semester is full of various crazy parties, events, and gatherings, so it is really cool to have that person who can go everywhere with you. Sharing a flat with another Erasmus student, you will be sure that you will always have a person with whom to share impressions about new city and locals. You can explore Erasmus country, go for a trip, and spend your free time together, which will make it a double fun!

Cleaning and Cooking for Each Other

Living in Erasmus flat with one more person may even not be so different as living at home. We bet you are used to come home after a long day and already have a hot dinner served. The dishes would be cleaned and washed clothes would be ironed. If you establish a really amazing relationship with your new flatmate, you can help each other in everyday responsibilities like cooking and cleaning.

Meeting New Friends

Having another person in your Erasmus flat means that you will definitely meet more people, as that person would bring friends around. You can organize parties and movie nights together and share mutual friends. Awesome!

Cutting On Living Costs

Of course!How could we forget about cutting the costs of the rent. Having another person at home also means sharing a rent cost; therefore, you would have more money for your other things like groceries, going for a trip, or partying!

No Lonely Evenings

Coming back after long day in an empty apartment may be sad. Perhaps, many people like to open a bottle of beer/ wine and sit in front of TV for the rest of the evening. Yet, when you need a company, someone to talk to or share feelings, this picture automatically starts looking sad.  You will have no lonely evenings if you have a flatmate; if you need more personal space, you would just go to your room. Right?

Sharing Background

Living alone during Erasmus program is not an option as one of the aims of this program is to learn about other culture and people, and sharing a flat with another Erasmus student will give you a chance for that. Imagine crazy evenings cooking traditional food with your international flatmate, laughing, and sharing your country’s background. This picture does looks better than the previous one about lonely evening!

Meeting Your BFF

What if you miss your chance to meet your BFF. This is not a 100% , but it is absolutely possible that your Erasmus flatmate could appear to be your best friend. In other words, it could be someone who would be such crazy in a good way as you are. The bad thing is that it would be so hard to say goodbye.


If you are still looking for a flat to share with someone, do not hesitate to contact Pepe Housing team! We will be more than happy to help you!


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