8 Realizations After Erasmus Program

Posted by Halima Benslimane | May 17, 2017

Erasmus Exchange program does not only enlarge your knowledge from Erasmus University, but also gives you a chance to learn more in a social point of view. 

These are 8 realizations you may have, when coming back home from Erasmus program abroad.


You Have Totally Learned How To Be Independent


Once you are in a different country, there is no one who could make you some food or help you out with the cleaning and laundry. Your mummy is so far now and you need to handle everything by yourself like a grown up person! If you are in another country and you don’t speak the language, you also have to figure out a way how to manage your every day’s life from the shops to the public offices.

You Have A Better Sense of Orientation


A foreign country is an unknown land and students who just arrive are always using navigator to locate themselves. As a result, they become pros in using such tools and are more organized and ready to commute to any place much more. In addition to that, Erasmus students always look for the quickest means to commute, which makes their sense of orientation stronger.

Traveling Makes You Richer


As the popular saying goes, ” Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. The more you travel the more friends you make. Especially if you are on Erasmus exchange for a semester you have more time to develop stronger friendships. Later, you appear to have have a multinational network of friends from other countries who also came for an exchange program. You become more broadminded than ever before!

Discovering A New Culture Is Awesome


When you go to a foreign country, you are curious about its past and traditions. To know better about it, you go to museums, typical restaurants, or places to meet local people who would be delighted to show you the real traditions of their country (especially Polish people). You actually find it so satisfactory to grasp more and more new information about another country that you cannot just help yourself and stop going to cultural places.

Learning Different Language Is Fun


When you are on a party or just chilling with a group of friends, it is always common that each one is trying to teach others few words in his/her native language. Seeing the others, mispronouncing the words, is always hilarious, which makes the language learning process memorable.

You Miss Activities You Were Involved In On Erasmus


Each country has different popular activities. It might happen that during your exchange program you notice you actually like to be involved in something the locals are involved. Therefore, even though you are not used to do it at home country, you miss the times when eating 20 donuts on Fat Thursday (Polish holiday) was actually normal.

You Need More Adventure


Constantly being in move on Erasmus program, makes you feel really passive at home. There are no parties around and excursions or tours to visit. Therefore, you are realizing that you need another new experience because you cannot stay at the same place after being so adventurous before. Good for you! There is so much more to explore!

Erasmus Was On Of The Best Experiences In Your Entire Life


Well, let’s face it, it does not matter how many negative moments you had on your Erasmus semester, it still stays for you an awesome time to remember and crazy story to tell your friends back home.  Lots of  crazy parties, amazing opportunities and challenges, various trips, tours and festivals! You dare to name another time you have so much fun!
You also find yourself missing your Erasmus flat/room, because that was your home for semester or even a year. You probably have designed it in your favorite way and must miss waking up in your sunny Warsaw room.


Well, these realizations will help you to figure out what you shoulddo next! Should we say it out loud? Grasp the opportunity to explore more every day!

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