A Student’s Guide: Where to Eat in Lodz

Posted by Nora Gundogdu | March 21, 2017

Everyone loves eating but no one can race with a student’s appetite. Especially Erasmus exchange program students have a magical digestion system, which turns every single calorie into studying, partying, traveling, and limitless energy. Yet, like every other things in life (other than love) eating is not free and, to be hones,t students are not well known for their cooking home skills (no offence to talented people out there). So, take your notes,because we are about to give you a wide selection of super affordable places to eat out in Lodz!

Milk Bars (Bar Mleczny)

Milk Bars are authentic Polish style cafeterias, which were very popular back in the times of communism. They are cheap, self-service based and full of nourishing traditional Polish meals. Pierogi, cutlets, pancakes with white cheese, leniwki (dumplings made from cheese, flour and eggs), milk soup, and rice with fruit and cream are among the most popular dishes. If you’ve never been to one, you definitely should try. You will feel much more healthy at the end of your meal compared to eating an overpriced and fat menu at a fast food chain. The most expensive dish on the menu is 25 zloty.

Here the the list of milk bars you can try out for tasting delicious traditional Polish meals.

  • Pieczarka (Piotrkowska 106/110)
  • Bar Mleczny Kultura (Struga 7)
  • Bar Jarzębina (Łagiewnicka 118)
  • Bar na Tuwima (Tuwima 22/26)
  • Pyzunia (Narutowicza 83)
  • Rumcajs. Obiady Domowe (Gdańska 10)
  • Sznycelek (Narutowicza 75A) *open until 3 a.m.!
  • Bar Figa (Kosynierów Gdyńskich 1)


The restaurants in Lodz can offer you choices for brunch from Chinese or Caucasian food to pizza! Say no more, right? You can have whatever you want at affordable prices if you take our list into consideration:

  • Restauracja Manekin (ul. 6 Sierpnia 1, menu)
  • Lavash Restaurant (ul. Piotrkowska 69, menu)
  • Otwarte Drzwi (ul. Piotrkowska 120, menu)
  • Manana Tex-Mex Bar (ul. Piotrkowska 102)
  • PanKejk (ul. Ogrodowa 19 A, menu)
  • Breadnia (ul. Piotrkowska 86)
  • Jaffa – Hummus & Other Stories (Ul. Piotrkowska 138/140)
  • Wook (Piłsudskiego 5, menu)

Try Different Cuisines
Lodz has a multicultural and young atmosphere; therefore, Poles made food choices in Lodz very diverse in order to offer something special for various preferences and tastes. It is always possible to enjoy a different cuisine in Lodz! . Just stroll down the longest street in Europe (Yes! It’s called Piotrkowska Street!), and take a look at menus and five it a shot to taste some delicious food. And if you enjoy your meal, do not hesitate to comment on the post and share with us your experience!

You want to recommend a milk bar you know? Oh maybe you found the perfect restaurant in the city for students? Comment below and let us know!

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