April in Krakow

Posted by Halima Benslimane | April 4, 2017

The historical city of Krakow is welcoming spring with the beauty of green trees and warm of sunny days. It’s more than a perfect time to visit the city and attend the events without worrying about the weather.  It is getting warmer and the sun will be less and less shy to send its rays upon you, students and visitors of Krakow! Here are some ways how you can enjoy Krakow during the month of April.

Krakow temperature in April
How good does it feel to have longer days? It means more time to do different things than studying or working, especially when the weather is delightful! April is one of the best months to be more active outside, doing sports, or attending various events and gatherings, as the weather in Krakow is considerably better and the temperatures are getting higher.
The average temperatures in Krakow in April are:
Average April temperature: 8 °C (46.4°F)
Average high temperature: 12 °C (53.6°F)
Average low temperature: 3 (37.4°F)
In such temperatures,  it’s a perfect time for riding the bicycle and discovering the city from the different perspective. Now there is no excuse to just stay at home during your free time, all the conditions are with you to have fun during April in Krakow outside!
What to do in Krakow in April
Krakow is a multicultural city; concerts, exhibitions, and excursions are just few of the many activities that you can do there. As April is the month of Easter, there are two good news. First of all, there will be a couple of free days from university and work (Yay!) Secondly, Krakow will be full of Easter related activities that you can attend only in this city.
Events in Krakow
Easter market
April 7 th -April 17 th
Venue: Main Market square in Old town.

Front Fabrik Festival 2017
April 7 th (Friday), 20:00
Venue: Klub Studencki Zaczek, Al. 3 Maja 5
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Rękawka Festival: (Cracovian Easter tradition)
April 18th (Tuesday), 12:00-17:30
Venue: Krakus Mound , above ul. Maryewskiego
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The Second Life of a Book
April 23rd (Sunday), 15:00
Venue: Forum Hotel, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 28
Cracovia Marathon
April 30th (Sunday), 09:00
Venue: Main market square
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We hope you will have a great time this April during your Erasmus semester!
Comment below if you have more events to share!

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