April in Lodz

Posted by Nora Gundogdu | April 3, 2017

Hello Erasmus survivors! Days are looking up for you in April! Wearing sunglasses and thinner outfits is not a dream anymore. It’s definitely a time to change your wardrobe and go for some spring shopping.  Whether you are doing your Erasmus in Lodz or planning to take a trip there, you’ll have fair share of sunny days soon! If your response is “Yes, please no more dark and chilly weather…”, keep on reading because you are about to get an idea how April is in Lodz!

Lodz Temperature in April

21st of March officially marks the first day of spring and the weather forecast for the upcoming Easter holiday (April 16) promises to be mild and sunny. Even 2 days of no school is important now, isn’t it Erasmus students? You can start planning trips to new destinations with your friends. If you want to catch the events in the city, that’s also doable. Barbecue, walks in the beautiful parks, terrace parties, concerts, outdoor events… Opportunities are limitless!

So let’s take a look at the average temperatures in April for Lodz :

Average April temperature: 8°C46°F

April average high: 12°C54°F

April average low: 3°C37°F

Events to Catch in Lodz This April

Bright and sunny days mean more outdoor events. You can move your student flat parties to terrace or garden. No more gloomy days to stay home. This also means your outdoor-events repelling roommate won’t have anymore excuses. Start planning your free time in Lodz with the events below!


April 6, 19:00-22:00

Venue: Atlas Arena, al. Bandurskiego 7

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April 22, 21:00-23:00

Venue: Klub Wytwórnia, Łąkowa 29

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Words Are Swords, International Student Debate by ESN UL

April 22, 9AM-6PM

Venue: Uniwersytet Lodzki, Narutowicza 68

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Photo-Match / New Portfolio Review / Nowy Przegląd Portfolio

April 6-April 18, start 12:00

Venue: Fotofestiwal Lodz, Tymienieckiego 3

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Live this April to the fullest and get lots of sun!

Do you want to recommend an event you are going? Share them with everyone in the comment section below!

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