April in Warsaw

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | March 31, 2017

The first days of April in Warsaw will already give you the real sun rays, which will wake you up before your alarm clock. Isn’t that beautiful? The sun warms your face from the early morning and invites you to look out the window and enjoy the view of great weather outside. The morning is already perfect and plus to this you reward yourself with a tasty morning drink. This is not the only thing April will make you happy about; this month has prepared for you a bunch of pleasant surprises, which will make your stay in Warsaw truly special!

Warsaw Temperature in April

The days in April are significantly longer, so you can already forget about waking up when it is dark, go back home when it is dark, and do literally anything when it is dark! (The life those days seemed forever in dark, didn’t it?). The days do not become only longer, but also warmer; therefore, the streets become greener and fresher with the first grass and tree buttons.

The average temperatures in Warsaw during the month of April are:

April average low: 3°C37°F
April average high: 12°C54°F
Average April temperature: 8°C46°F

What to do in Warsaw in April?

Such a warm weather in Warsaw already lets you take out your BBQ kit and invite friends around for some Spring steaks! What can be better than spending time with your friends while enjoying Spring warm and delicious food?

Another great idea is to rent a public bike and have a ride along Vistula river! If you would like to know where and how to rent the public bike, not spending more than 10 Zl for the whole semester, you should check out this blog post. 

Events in Warsaw

April 1, 18:00-22:00
Venue: Hydrozagadka,11 Listopada 22

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Speak Business English Like an American

April 1 (Saturday), 11:30 -13:00
Venue: Campus Warsaw, Ząbkowska 27/31

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Packaging Innovations

April 4 – April 5, 10:00-16:00
Venue: Warszawskie Centrum EXPO XXI, 12/14 Pradzynskiego Str


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Warsaw Festival  of Beer

April 6-April 8, 16:00-23:55
Venue: Stadion Miejski Legii Warszawa im. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego, Łazienkowska 3


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International Madness Day

April 19, 22:00-04:00 в 22:00 – 4:00

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April 29, 19:00
Venue: Proxima, ul Ztota 9

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Have a wonderful time this April in Warsaw!

Do you know more events going on in Warsaw this April? Comment the suggestions below!

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