April in Wroclaw

Posted by Halima Benslimane | March 31, 2017

The rainy cold days of winter in Wroclaw are behind us welcoming the warm sunny days of the spring. The city of Wroclaw is the perfect town to visit, especially when the weather is so nice.

Wroclaw Temperature in April
The weather in Wroclaw is getting better and better every day. It is not only significantly warmer, but also there are less rainy days and the probability of snowing is very low (unless you live in Lithuania). The days are longer, so the  chance to do more things in the same day is definitely higher. Now you can forget about falling a sleep when reading the assignments at 6 p.m.
The average temperatures in Wroclaw during the month of April are:
April average low: 4°c (39.2°F)
April average high: 15°c (59°F)
Average April temperature: 10°c (50°F)

What to do in Wroclaw in April?
This is the perfect time to walk along the beautiful streets of the old town and visit the old market (Rynek of Wroclaw) without roasting under very strong sun and without freezing. Yet, April has also prepared for you some specific events and activities, which you can consider  for your free time.
Events in Wroclaw

Tech Saturdays

 April 8, 10:00 a.m -14:00 p.m

Venue: Wiezienna8

If you are into new technologies and Artificial intelligence fascinates you, you must attend this event! Main questions here ” How much time will it take when the robots start ruling the world?


You can book your tickets right away and start digging into this question with Tech Saturdays!

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Wroclaw Restaurant Week 2017

April 21 -April 30

If you really like going to restaurants and explore new food, you should participate in the Wroclaw Restaurant Week 2017.  The motto is “Emocje na talerzach”, which basically means emotions on the plate. The concept of this event is that a list of the best restaurants in town proposes a complete menu of very good meals (3 courses) for the price of 39zl. You must make a reservation in a restaurant of your choice before going and you can make it on this website.


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Superheroes in Concert

April 22, (19:00)

Venue: in the  Centennial Hall& Discovery Center on Wystawowa st. 1
If you like new sensations, you should defenitely attend this event!


This is the concert where you can listen popular superhero movies’ songs (Iron man, Batman, The incredible Hulk, and Thor). Moreover,  fabulous dancers who performed on the final performance of You Think You Can Dance will make the show even more spectacular! The choreography would be projected on giant LED screens. The new thing is that the viewers can experience a mix of fantasy and reality as they have a chance to use special VR goggles during the concert to be completely absorbed by the intensity of the music combined to the choreography.

This is a unique experience and the tickets cost between 99zl and 279zl. You can get them in any Empik shop or on the website of the event .

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Jazz nad Odra

April 26-April 30

Venue:  Mazowiecka 17

Wroclaw is very popular for its annual jazz festival called Jazz nad Odra.


It is definitely worth going, if you are into live jazz music!

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We hope you have a great time in April with these events!

If you know any other good events going on in April in Wroclaw, do not hesitate to share then in comment section below!

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