Awesome Life Hacks Every Student should Know

Posted by Martha Cutajar | August 30, 2018

Awesome Life Hacks Every Student should Know


College season is approaching soon, only one month to go for school to start and that means many deadlines, stress, money problems, sleepless nights and so much problems that only students can relate to. We all know that being a student is tough and that is why Pepe Housing has came up with some useful life hacks that you will definitely need in your life. As a student myself, I can totally understand how hard it can be to balance assignments, exams, studying, work and most importantly having a social life. The real truth is that you can make this all happen, you just have to be able to adapt to some changes in your routine and that leads us to the life hacks. These hacks will help you be more successful in school while also enjoying your free time with your squad.

#1 You Should Start recording your lectures

This is a great alternative than having to try to keep up with writing everything your lecturer is saying. This will help you to study better because it is so much faster to listen to the information than to try and remember everything by heart, you just need to be able to focused and understand well what is being said.

#2 Take notes with different colored pens

When it comes to taking written notes, it is best to color code them so you can easily identify the information that you need. For example use different colors when you are writing down definitions, this will help you to remember more and not lose a lot of time searching for a specific definition.

#3 Start Using the Snack Incentive

This is an example of how you can reward yourself while studying. You should lay the most delicious snacks you like at different places on your notes or books, once you get to the snack you get to eat it. It’s a Win – Win.

#4 Start stacking clothes vertically

Yes, once you move in a new room in an student apartment or a dorm room, you may encounter with the issue of having limited space in your room. You should definitely start stacking your clothes in the drawers in a way you would place your school files and textbooks rather than hanging your clothes up and down.

#5 Paint your keys with Nail Polish

This is very useful and if you are in a hurry you would be able to identify the specific key that you need instantly. Paint a different colour on each key and you do not need to wonder which is the apartment key and which one is for your locker at school.

#6 Hang your laptop by using 3M hooks

Not all rooms are equipped with a Tv, and most probably it would not be that easy to find one but what you could do is place 3M hooks to your wall and you can rest your laptop or tablet there easily. This way it would be definitely easier for you to watch your desired Tv shows much more comfortably.

#7 Make Your Ramen noodles better

This is only the most common food that college students eat. You can make it better by adding some vegetables, an egg or some herbs with it, it’s flavour will be tastier for sure without costing too much.


#8 Purchase used Textbooks

This has to be one of the greatest hacks every students should know of. You can find used textbooks at school bookstores or even online and it’s guaranteed you will save a ton of money.

#9 Look bright during Presentations

Have a big presentation coming up and speaking in front a big audience is not your thing? Before you go up to do the presentation, you should ask a friend to ask you a specific question that you know the answer to, that way you would look like you a lot of research and know your topic well. This will help to improve your presentation grade.

#10 Listening to calming and relaxing sounds to improve productivity

This definitely works, listening to this type of music not only helps you to sleep but it will definitely help you to focus more and boost your overall productivity as well as putting you in a relaxed mood, what more could you want? If this type of music is not your thing then try to put on your  songs from your preferred band, it will help you to get things done.

We hope you will be more prepared during the school year and we hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you know of any more useful hacks every student should know of, feel free to comment in the comment section below

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