Best Coffee Places in Poland

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | March 15, 2017
          Are you a coffee addict? Or do you prefer a big cup of tea? This article will give you some great coffee places where you can enjoy a nice warm drink while living in Poland.
            There are coffee shops chains like Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Mc Café or Green Caffe Nero, which is basically a combination of two firms Caffe Nero and Green Coffee. The advantage of getting a drink from such places is that their products are widely known and they have a large choice. In addition to that, these places are often cozy and are perfect for studying or work as there is a WiFi network available. It’s always nice to sit in a calm place and make a research or read while sipping a delicious coffee. If you are not into coffee, you always have the choice of other drinks.
 You can find these chains in the major cities of Poland like Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw. Chain coffee places may be perfect for getting a quick drink before work or just a place where you can work far away from city noise.  Yet,  admit that you have been always wondering how those local cafes on the small streets of cities look and “taste” like! Well! This is the sign to try the local cafes too, where you can find a big variety of teas depending on the seasons. The best is to go to the old town of the city and taste the Polish pastry with your coffee or tea and usually enjoy a beautiful interior there.
         It’s difficult to pick the best addresses because the tastes are different from one person to another. That’s
why we are giving you the locations where the best coffee places are in each city so you have the
freedom to pick your favorite one! Freedom of the choice!
There are 2 streets in Warsaw full of coffee places: Nowy Swiat and Chmielna Street. There you can find both middle range and cheap spots with great variety of drinks and sweets to enjoy. As Nowy Swiat street leads straight to Old town in Warsaw, you can meet there few street musicians playing amazing songs and melodies, which will definitely will make the evening magical!

Krakow, Poznan and Gdansk
           The 3 cities are known for their old town beauty. There are many restaurants in Krakow with terraces where you can enjoy your drink outside catching the first sun rays of Spring. The weather is getting better and better bringing us the new places to exploreIn addition to the old town in Gdansk, the city also has its emblematic canal where cafes with a nice view can be found. In Poznan, you can visit the old market square (Stary Rynek ), which will seem to you the most colorful place in the city. It is a great spot to have a walk and also to find many cozy coffee places.
After a long walk in the longest bridge of Europe (Sopot Bridge), you deserve to have a sit and a drink with a nice view on the ocean. On the coast, you can find some amazing spots or, if you are brave enough, you can walk some more and go to very nice cafes with international specialties.
The best coffee places in Lodz are located in the Piotrkowska street . Make your order in Polish! Just for fun, why not to try to order your coffee in Polish? Here is a list of words, which will help you:
-Please: Poprosze (Pronounced poprosheh)
-Coffee: Kawa (Pronounced kava)
-With milk: Z mlekiem
-Sugar: Cukier (Pronounced tsukier)
 -For here: na miejscu (Pronounced na mieistsoo)
-To take away: Na wynos (Pronounced na venos)
-Tea: Herbata
-Coffee Place: Kawiarnia (Pronounced kaviarnia)
If you know any other great place for having a delicious drink in Poland, you are welcome to comment and share your suggestions!

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