Best Food Trucks in Warsaw

Posted by PaulinaSpadlo | September 5, 2016

Best Food Trucks (2)

Era of food trucks has definitely arrived to Warsaw and hit the big time. Usually every each of them has their own history, reason to make what they offer. You can find them all around the Warsaw, around Vistula’s shore, festivals or on food truck events.

What food can you expect to eat there?

EVERYTHING. From burgers, hot dogs through thai ice cream, bubble waffles to fried snickers or molecular ice cream.




Popularity of food trucks is heaven for burger-lovers, they will always find variable options of their favorite meal to choose from; for example: Banda kotleta, Crazy Pig, PasiBus, burger station, Frodo burger or Globe Burger. You should just try them all. 🙂

We tried burger with Camembert and cranberry sauce which was a nice alternative to regular one. Be ready to spend some time there, it is very difficult to make a choice what to eat.






Of course it is not only about burgers. You can easily find vegan or vegetarian trucks which offer alternative dishes for no-meat eaters. As well, for people who prefer asian cuisine, there are plenty of sushi, thai or chinese trucks.

liveout loud




If you want to try something extreme, “Pan Baton” food truck is something you need. Molecular ice cream, fried bounty or apple juice prepared on liquid nitrogen are treats worth looking for. Even if you don’t have sweet tooth you should see the process of making and serving the ice cream or juice – it it something extraordinary.



Trucks offer also delicious fruits in chocolate – Fragola, bubble waffles – Melody or thai ice cream which are hot stuff. 





the 1-day

So, where can you find those food trucks? Of course at their own events and regularly they show up at weekend markets such as Targ Śniadaniowy (a few of them) or Nocny Market.

Targ Sniadaniowy

Every Saturday at Żoliborz – Gimnazjum nr 55, aleja Wojska Polskiego 1a, 02-495 Warszawa
Hours: 9.00 – 16.00
Every Sunday at Mokotów – Warszawa, Mokotów, square AK Granat, corner of st. Puławskiej and Woronicza
Hours: 10.00 – 17.00

Nocny Market

Towarowa 3, Śródmieście, Warsaw

5:00 pm – 1:00 am
4:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Best food trucks (3)

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last month I was in warsaw again. I taste of all the food from different trucks and I shocked! The taste was so so yummy! but, I went to Sakana on Moliera Street once again to try the sushi one more time and it was the same, so fantastic. I cant believed that polish sushimaster can make the best sushi on the world!

Caroline I know this place that you were talking about. i was in Sakana just 2 days ago on business meeting and i agree with you with in 100%. So delicious sushi:)

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