Best Italian Restaurants in Polish Cities

Posted by Halima Benslimane | March 24, 2017
Italian cuisine is one of the most popular ones in the world. You can find Italian restaurants all over the world. If you are a fan of Italian food, they you definitely find yourself happy when sitting in an Italian restaurant abroad and realizing that you do know some of the dishes proposed in the menu. Of course, Italian food cannot be bad tasting; however, you cannot be 100% sure about the quality of the Italian restaurant. This article will give you some good addresses of very nice and affordable Italian restaurants in the cities of Poland.


Warsaw is a big city with plenty of very good restaurants. You can find Italian restaurants in every street corner, which make it difficult to choose. Here are the best Italian restaurants in Warsaw, which price rates are suitable for students!
Vapiano: It’s an international chain of Italian restaurants where you can enjoy high quality pasta, pizza or risotto. The menu is diverse and fits all kinds of taste and price preferences. The prices are from 15zl to 25zl for pasta. If you are a pizza person, the prices go from 15zl to 32zl for original pizzas, which will definitely satisfy your Italian food craving.
There are many Vapiano restaurants in Warsaw; one of them can be found near the city center on Aleja Jerozolimskie 63, in front of  the hotel Mariott.  Vapiano has also a restaurant in Lodz with the same menu and prices located in Aleja Politechniki 1.
Maka I woda: If you’d like to hang out with friends for dinner, it’s the perfect spot to sit and chat while eating a delicious pizza or pasta. The interior design is modern and the quality of the product is very good. The restaurant offers Italian dishes for both vegetarians and meat lovers. The prices are not very high in general; it’s on average 25zl. The restaurant is located on Chmielna 13, which is a very popular street full of restaurants and cafes and is ideal for a walk after a heavy dinner!


Stop wondering where you can eat tasty pizza in Krakow because the following chapter will put you on the right path.
Le pizzette di Rebecca: If you are looking for something quick and really cheap, this is the best restaurant in Krakow, where you can order pizza and choose your toppings. The basic pizza you can order is Margherita, which costs 6 zl (WHAT?!) and for each topping you choose you pay additional 2 zl.  It’s situated in Kazimierz (more precisely – on Beera Meiselsa 9)
Restauracja Padre: It’s located in the heart of the old town, near the University Jagiellonski and it’s one of the
top Italian restaurants in Krakow. One of the main reasons is that in addition to its very elegant and romantic
design, the meals are made with very high quality ingredients and the prices are around 22 zl. The exact address of the restaurant is Wislna 11.


Sempre pizza e vino: If you are really into Italian food and wine, you will love this place! It has a big variety of pizzas and Italian wines for a reasonable price. Its location is very close to the old town, which will add even more charming memories to your Italian dinner time.  You can find this Italian restaurant on Targ Rybny 1/U1.
These are just few of the best Italian restaurants in Poland where you can start you culinary discovery. If you have more recommendations for Italian restaurants and want to share, do not hesitate to comment below!

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