Best Outdoor Summer Spots in Warsaw

Posted by blogadmin | July 12, 2016

Summer in Poland is wonderful, isn’t it? That’s why you don’t wanna stay at home the whole day! Have you been wondering what to do during warm and long summer days? We have a great summer guide and a list of best outdoor summer spots in Warsaw!

  1. Old Town

    The oldest and the most charming part of the city, granted with the status of a UNESCO World Heritage List. This spot is a perfect space for having a walk among the narrow streets and little, colorful houses. Warsaw’s Old Town was almost completely destroyed during World War II, but thanks to its excellent restoration and recovery now is a lively place, bustling with tourists and locals, and full of galleries, cafés and restaurants.

    Mermaid of Warsaw
    Photo: Mermaid of Warsaw [source]

  2. Royal Baths Park (Łazienki Królewskie)

    The park-and-palace complex is the largest park in Warsaw occupying 76 hectares of the city center. Łazienki Park was designed in the 17th century in the baroque style and is a safe haven in the middle of the city. One of the most impressing and popular spots of Łazienki is the Palace on the Isle where you can take your lover for a date and feed swans and ducks.

    Visiting the Royal Łazienki you may also experience high culture with numerous cultural and educational events. Among the best-known are the summer concerts near the Chopin Monument, which take place on each Sunday from the beginning of May until the end of September.

    royal baths
    Photo: Palace on the Isle [source]

  3. Poniatówka Beach

    The capital of Poland, even though is far away from the sea coast, has already 5 urban beaches by the Vistula. Poniatówka Beach is a full-blown beach in Warsaw where you can have a bonfire, sunbathe, play volleyball and have a great time during the best summer parties in the city. Just bring your blanket and some drinks or pop up in one of the coolest bars Temat Rzeka or Plażowa.

    boniatowka beach
    Photo: Boniatówka Beach [source]

  4. Outdoor swimming pool in Water Park “Moczydło”

    When it gets really hot you only dream about jumping into the water and sunbathing all day long? Here you go! Not far from the city centre there is a huge open swimming pool with slides and some space to lay down. As a student you can enjoy the whole day stay for the price of 15 zł.

    If this is not enough, in the park you can find the highest in Poland “bungee” jump and beach ball, volleyball and basketball fields. Prepare your swimming suit and impress everyone in the pool.

    park wodny moczydlo
    Photo: Water Park Moczydło [source]

  5. The University of Warsaw Library garden

    The Library garden is one of the largest and most beautiful roof gardens in Poland with an area of more than 10,000 m2. It is a perfect resting place not only for Warsaw University students but for all other people as well. You may admire a multiplicity of plant species, the fish pond and a small fountain with the city skyline in the background.

    library garden
    Photo: Warsaw skyline from the Library garden [source]

  6. Powiśle

    If you ask a local where to go out during summer 99% will answer “Powiśle”. This area by the Vistula is the coolest and most crowded spot in the city. Cud nad Wisłą, Plac Zabaw, BarKa, Hocki Klocki are just a few of the outdoor bars where you can hit in the evening, dance and listen to some good music or just relax on deckchair with the view on the National Stadium.

    cud nad wisla
    Photo: Cud nad Wisłą [source]

  7. Moktów Field

    This park is located between Warsaw’s Mokotów district and the city center and is one of the largest in Warsaw. Until 1934, Mokotów field was the site of Warsaw Airport and, until 1939, of the Warsaw Horse Racing Track. Nowadays the park is famous for its bars and offers a great space for outdoor activities like running, rollerblades or practicing joga on the grass.

    Pole Mokotowskie
    Photo: The pond in Mokotow Field [source]


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