Best Spots in Poland to Visit

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | May 10, 2017

Looking for good reasons to visit Poland? You are in a right place!

There are so much talking about traveling to Rome, Italy, France, and other top destinations; yet, we would like to add Poland to this list, as it has so many outstanding spots. Just to make sure, we are not talking here about amazing Warsaw sky buildings or old town in Gdansk; we want to bring to your attention best natural places to see in Poland.

Tatra National Park


Tatra National Park is one of the most popular beautiful places in Poland. The park is located in southern Poland, in the Małopolska Province, and borders with the Slovakian Tatra National Park.


Beautiful mountains, fresh air, rich landscape, and amazing view around makes this spot breathtaking!

Masurian Lakeland


This place is definitely a must-visit, as its character attracts not only the foreigners but also poles, who love it so much. This sport is not only great to observe the sunset, but also to have a rest from the city noise and rush.


People often go camping there and spend days in harmony with nature. Forest, lake, and marshmallows cooked on a  fireplace. Nothing more is needed.

Slowinski Sand Dunes


Slowinski Sand Dunes are well-known for their special nature. Once you visit them, do not be surprised if they change next year. The wind is constantly playing with dunes’ forms, which makes this spot attractive for tourists.


Białowieża Forest


Białowieża Forest may not be included in a top Poland destinations, but it will be mentioned in out list. Forest has its own magic. When was the last time you thought of nature as a part of ourselves? We bet you have those sweet memories of camping with father in your childhood?


The forest will remind you that nostalgic smell of green trees, bird’s singing, and a touch of cold morning dew on the grass.

Ojcowski National Park

Ojcowski National Park is believed to be the smallest national park in Poland; yet, it has the most amazing scenic landscape with an abundance of many-shaped limestone rocks. Comparing to other national parks, seems like this one was created by someone, giving the 15 m high stones their unique look.


Do you know any other amazing spots in Poland? Share in comment section below!

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