Cheap Places to Eat in Wroclaw

Posted by Halima Benslimane | March 23, 2017

Have you just arrived to the city of Wroclaw and wondering where you can eat without spending much? This article will give you some pieces of advice to choose a restaurant in Wroclaw, which will suit your taste and budget preferences.

Milk Bars
This kind of restaurants is very popular in Poland and there are many of them in each city, including Wroclaw. Milk bar or “bar mleczny” looks like cafeteria where you can have a sit and enjoy a complete delicious meal with very low budget. What is good in milk bars is that you can go for any meal of the day from breakfast to dinner or just for a small snack. You can order many Polish typical meals there like Pierogi (Polish ravioli), which can be with meat, cheese or vegetables. Nalesniki (Polish pancakes) with topping of your choice is another tasty dish, which can be sweet or salted.

If you are looking for something light, there is also a big variety of soups available. Yet, after studying really hard it is more possible that you are VERY hungry; therefore,  a meal with meat and vegetables like Kotlet often served with potatoes or Bigos is a perfect choice!

You can enjoy the very warm atmosphere of milk bars in the following restaurants, which are well known in Wroclaw:  Miś is located in Kuznicza 48 (very close to the University of Wroclaw) and  Karmazyn (located in Piaskowa 17 inside Hala Targowa).

Cheap Restaurants
In Wroclaw, you can find very cheap restaurants. They are so cheap that the price of the meat is as  expensive as a package of rice.Do not think that the meat is of bad quality; attractive price appears because the concept of such restaurants is to pay for the weight on your plate.  The most popular restaurants which are working in this way are:

  • Bazylia! There are two in Wroclaw: one of them is located in front of the main building of Wroclaw University on Kuznicza 47 and the second one is in the University of Technology of Wroclaw on Wyspianskiego 23-25. The
    cost of the food is 2.59zl/100g for all kind of food. If you go there between 6 and 7 pm, you can pay even less because there is a discount of 50% on everything.
  • MultiFOOD: It’s very similar to Bazylia and also with the same prices. This is like a chain restaurant, so there several of them in the city of Wroclaw.

If you are staying in Poland, you should try its traditional meals. Luckily in Wroclaw there are some restaurants where you can eat without paying a lot. You can go to Brajt restaurant, a very cozy place where you can enjoy a big meal for a price from 6 to 12 zl! It’s located on Ordrzanska 18. Nearby it, there is another restaurant with moderated prices. It’s called Kurna Chata where you can eat pierogi and zurek in bread bowl. This is a perfect example how the traditional Polish restaurant looks like!

If you know more places where the food is delicious and prices do not bite, share with us in comments!

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