Cheapest Places to Eat in Krakow

Posted by Halima Benslimane | March 17, 2017

Are you in an Erasmus exchange program in the beautiful city of Krakow and don’t always have time
to make food at home? Or do you just enjoy going to restaurants to discover the local dishes but you
want to pay as less as possible? This article will help you choose smartly where to eat in Krakow.

Milk Bars
Milk bars or “bar mleczny” are very popular in Krakow. There are kind of cafeterias where traditional Polish meals are served in very big portions and very low prices. You can have a complete diner including soup (4zl) and main meal (around 6zl) for up to 15 zl. Usually, in milk bars you have a large choice, so you have a chance to try something new every time. Polish cuisine has a lot to offer for you! The most popular dishes that you can order in such places are:
Soups: Zupa pomidorowa, Rosol, Zurek, Barszcz.
Main course: Pierogi, Bigos, Kotlet , Gulasz, Kotlet Schabowy.

If you are not that hungry, you can order kind of Polish pancakes called “nalesniki”. They may be served either as a desert or as a main meal. You can choose from a large list of sweet toppings ( jam, chocolate, fruits,…) or salted (cheese, spinach, chicken, cream and mushrooms,…) and it costs around 4 zl (!). The second Polish traditional drink, after Vodka of course, is “Kompot”. It is a drink, which is obtained by cooking fruits  and is very healthy to drink during diner.
Street food 
Sometimes, you don’t have time to sit in a place and wait for the food. In that case, the best would be to buy something quick. Thankfully, Krakow is very famous for its typical pretzel called “obwarznek”, which you can eat with cheese or with sesame seeds. You can get it for around 2 zl in the main streets of Krakow.

Another famous Polish snack is a Polish version of pizza made with a half baguette with tomato sauce and different toppings. It’s called “Zapiekanki” and you can get them for around 10zl in Plac Nowy in Kazimierz in Krakow. Also, when visiting old town, you can come across some small kiosks where you can also buy them. They look so delicious!


You can’t come to Krakow and not taste the Polish sausage “Kielbasa” that you can get from the
milk bars or from the Kielbasa vans. The most popular one is the blue van in front of Hala Targowa (Grzegorzecka Street). Kielbasa is the best food for party people as you can have a delicious grilled sausage served with ketchup, mustard, and fresh bread in the middle of the night. What can be better?

International Restaurants
The city of Krakow has a lot of international restaurants from Italian to Japanese ones. Many of them have a daily menu (zestaw dnia), which is attractive for students because you can have the starters plus main course for a nice price (often between 15 zl and 25 zl).

All these food choice are tasty and will definitely contribute to your Erasmus experience in Poland!
Let your culinary journey in Krakow begin!


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Thank you for sharing the list of the cheapest places to eat in Krakow, great resource! I’ll save it to my bookmarks 🙂

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