December in Warsaw

Posted by Natalia Kacprzak | December 1, 2016


Our favourite time during the cold months is coming! Everyone is looking forward for Christmas and the holiday break. What you should do while still being is Poland is to try traditional Christmas dishes and try to cook them back in your home country! During December you might have a couple of opportunities to pop up at the Polish Christmas Markets and try the local specialities 🙂

December Weather in Warsaw

  • Average December temperature: -1ºC / 31ºF
  • December average high: 2ºC / 36ºF
  • December average low: -3ºC / 26ºF

Winter in the capital of Poland is not usually unbearable, however temperatures dip well below freezing in the coldest years.

winter in poland


Do not worry! The situations as on the above picture are rather prehistory! We haven’t experienced such winter since years! Too bad…. having fun as shown on the below picture has only remain as a good memory.



What to Pack for December

Pack warm clothing for December! Use layers, hats, gloves and scarves to keep you comfortable as you explore Poland’s capital city.

Don’t forget to bring your winter coat, comfy, warm shoes that are comfortable for walking and warm socks.

winter clothes

December Events in Warsaw

This month will be full of events connected to Christmas. The city might amaze you with its lights and decorations. If you want to prepare yourself for the holidays take a look at the Christmas Markets and find some inspiration for Christmas decorations and gifts.

Lightening Christmas Tree at the Old Town – 3rd December – Old Town Square

christmas tree warsaw


2nd – 4th December – Centrum Bankowo Finansowe – Nowy Świat

Food trucks, handmade gifts and christmas decorations can be found during this 3-day event. You shouldn’t miss it! See the Warsaw Christmas Market Event

4th and 10th December – Christmas Market – The Palace of Culture and Science

From 11 am until 7pm on 4th and 10th December you can look for Xmas gift inspiration among numerous market stalls. Polish farmers, artists and designers will offer regional and handmade goods, bio food and sweets.

christmas market warsaw


Cigarettes After Sex – 16th December – Klub Hybrydy

Max Cooper – 16th December – Smolna

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