Essential Skills You Need To Possess For Your Career

Posted by Martha Cutajar | September 14, 2018

Essential Skills requested by Employers


Once you are finished with university and done with all of that studying, it will be time to put all that theory into practice which in other words means getting a job and starting your desired career. Yes, both education and experience may be enough for candidates to be eligible to apply for a specific job but in reality, it is the skills you possess that help you to be successful in the end. From the employer’s perspective, getting the right people means that they have to recruit candidates with the right skills and abilities that are required for the role which will ultimately lead to the company’s success.

Pepe Housing has created a list of employability skills also known as ‘Soft Skills’ that will definitely help you in being effective at work, whatever job you do. Continue reading this article to find out more.


Skill #1 – Communication

When applying for a job you need to show that you have communication skills, this means that prospective candidates need to have the ability to communicate both verbally and in writing with a lot of individuals, maintain good eye contact, write clearly and many more. Employers do really look for candidates that have the ability to write with clarity as it is very essential for managers since clear writing will help them to read in a more efficient manner and not lose any extra time.

Skill #2 – Team Work

Ever wonder why in university, lecturers request students to team up with a group of students to work on a specific task together? This is because being able to work in a team is one of the most important ‘soft skills’ that employers request from graduates, this means that you need to have the ability to be a team player while also being able to delegate and act in a responsible way when necessary. This is mainly about building a good working relationship that helps everyone in the company to achieve certain business goals and objectives.


Skill #3 – Problem Solving

We have to admit that everyone can benefit from having good problem-solving skills and this is because we all encounter different problems on a daily basis. Employers really look for this specific skill when identifying the right recruits because it will definitely be a benefit for the whole organization if there is a person ( it would be even better if there are more) that has the ability to solve problems and come up with a solution in an efficient manner.

Skill #4 –  Leadership

When starting your career, you might gain a job which is not classified in the upper part of the hierarchy because it is very difficult to land a job as a manager immediately but possessing leadership skills will definitely put you in the right way of gaining a better role as a manager in the future. Graduates need to show to employers that they can lead a group of people by delegating some tasks, set deadlines and lead others by showing them good examples. Most importantly, they need to show that they are motivated to do so.


Skill #5 – Negotiation

Negotiation refers to the process where compromise or an agreement is reached without experiencing any arguments. The individual needs to be able to clarify what would like to be achieved and how you aim to do so, there needs to be the ability to understand the other party so that both of parties would get what they want in the end.


Skill #6 – Motivation

Yes, it may not be that exciting to get up for work but you should find a way that will help you make it through the day. You need to be motivated to work and show that even in the most difficult parts in work, you are a person that stays cheerful and happy, it will definitely help in not becoming bored.

Skill #7 – Confidence

At the place of work, you need to be confident in yourself but in a good and not arrogant way. You need to show your workmates that you believe in them and that when encountering problems, you can always count on each other to help solve the issue.


You may not possess all of these skills at the moment but there is no need to worry as they will be surely developed by time and experience. If you know of any other essential skills that employers look for in graduates, feel free to comment in the comment section below. Pepe Housing wishes you best of luck in obtaining the right job !! :)


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