European Countries You can easily visit from Poland

Posted by Martha Cutajar | July 27, 2018

European Countries You can easily visit from Poland


Poland is a country that is located in central Europe and it is ranked at the sixth place in terms of population amongst the other members of the European Union. Poland’s capital is Warsaw which is a huge city with lots of things you can do during stay such as shopping in well known clothing stores around the world. Other popular cities in Poland which are worth visiting include the following,  Krakow, Poznan, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Łódź, one can easily find bus and train connections which are so affordable and make it easier for students and tourists to enjoy the whole Polish experience.

Since Poland is located in central Europe, it will be easier for those who are interested to visit other popular cities in other European countries which are either a border to Poland or very close in which they can catch a train or even a short flight and make it possible to visit these  amazing cities. These cities include Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Berlin.

Some Information about the Cities and how to get there




Prague, a city which can offer more than 1000 years worth of history and a lot of architectural places of interest has also many other modern ways of how the visitor can have tons of fun even if they are not interested in museums or historical places. Fun activities that you might be interested in include catching the view from the top of Old Town Hall Tower, Drink pint after pint on a Prague Beer Tour, eat a traditional bohemian dinner, take a walk across Charles Bridge and many more. The best connection you can take from Poland to arrive at Prague is by bus and it takes roughly around 12 hours, this may be the best option for students who are pursuing their studies in Poland and this is because tourists may not have enough time to go on a bus for 12 hours while in return they only get to stay in the city for a few hours while in the case of students, they have plenty of time to visit this amazing city especially during weekends or in a specific holiday season.

To find out more information about different buses you can catch to go and visit Prague, feel free to visit this link, prices are around 25 Euro for a bus ticket. ! :




Vienna is the capital while also the largest city of Austria, it has many tourist attractions and it may be an interest for those individuals who appreciate many centuries of history, culture and traditions. Austria’s capital is very popular with having so many cultural events, classical concerts, royal architecture, coffee houses and more. Tourist attractions that you definitely do not want to miss out on during your stay in Vienna are Schloss Schönbrunn,  Hofburg Imperial Palace,  Belvedere Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral and so much more. Visiting Vienna is mainly option for those students who are studying in Poland since the best and only connection available is by catching a flight which takes around 1 Hour and 20 Minutes from Poland’s capital, Warsaw. Vienna is a great weekend destination as you can easily go around Vienna’s main attractions in 3 days. Once in Vienna, make sure to try out Vienna’s main food tradition which is the Schnitzel which can be easily found in the majority of Vienna’s restaurants around all of the city.

Check out this link to find out more information about different prices and flights to go from Warsaw to Vienna, prices are around 200 Euro.! :




Budapest, Hungary’s Capital  often called as the Pearl of the Danube can be considered as one of the most beautiful European capitals. Budapest is an exceptionally stunning city with an architectural and historical heritage offering a good combination of culture, fine cuisine and lastly the popular thermal baths. If you feel to need to relax and enjoy some nature, then you shall visit Margaret Island which is well known to be the city’s ‘green heart’. Top tourist attractions in Budapest are the St Stephen Basilica- Panorama Lookout, Széchenyi Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool – The most popular of them all, Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, Castle Garden Bazaar and many more. There are two options to go make your way to Budapest from Poland, that is either by bus or by flight since the bus takes a long time to arrive but is the cheapest option while taking  a flight is definitely more expensive but it only takes around 1 Hour and 25 Minutes and you will be at your desired destination.

Visit this link to see an example of what flights you can get to arrive at Budapest and how much it costs, it costs roughly around 45 Euro without the return but then it will also depend on the departure date so prices may vary a lot. ! :




Germany’s Capital, Berlin is a city that was previously divided into East Berlin and West Berlin but was was reunified along with East and West Germany in the 90’s. Like any other capital, Berlin has a lot of history and tourist attractions to offer to the foreigners. Berlin is very popular for culture, politics, media and also science while one can also find great universities known internationally, museums and entertainment venues. For those who are students, Berlin is known as the city that never sleeps, literally, partying in Berlin can include a vast variety of activities that suit the taste of everybody such as techno clubs, places to relax and drink a cocktail and so much more. You can choose to go to Berlin either by bus or by train, the train is recommended as it takes roughly around six hours to arrive from Warsaw while the bus takes around seven hours, depends on how fast the bus really is in reality. Like previously said, students pursuing their studies in Poland and just to need to get away from all of it and forget a bit about the stress, then you should definitely go to Berlin for your weekend get away.

If you want to know more information about the different connections from Warsaw, Poland, feel free to visit this link, a bus ticket approximately is around 20 Euro- 30 Euro.

If you know of any other interesting European cities that you can easily visit from Poland, feel free to comment in the comment section down below.


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