How to Be a Perfect Flatmate?

Posted by Natalia Kacprzak | August 16, 2016


Is it going to be your first experience living without parents? Do you have any concerns about sharing your flat with an unknown student from a foreign country? You don’t know what to expect and how to prepare yourself? Do not worry! We know it can take time to find the right people. Read the below advice and we promise that your new flatmate will become your best friend!

    1. Search for your flatmate in the right place
      You go abroad to have good time, that’s why you should live with people like you! If you’re going for a student exchange try to find other exchange students. If you’re looking to find some great flatmates feel free to post on our Facebook page, or our Facebook group and we will match you up with ideal individuals.noticeboard-in-libaray
    2. Compromise means everything
      Your flatmates do not have to enjoy the same type of music and lead similar lifestyle. Different likes and dislikes can cause conflicts and disruptions within a household. That’s why the definition of the word ‘compromise’ should be leading the rule in your flat. Respecting and keeping your fellow flatmates happy, whether you are in dorm or privately rented accommodation, can make all the difference between being a great flatmate and a not so great one.

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    3. Don’t be the slob
      Learning to live with a group of people is a challenge. Taking responsibility for your own mess will be important as never before. Obviously leaving a dirty cup by the sink isn’t a crime, but leaving a whole week’s bunch dishes for your fellow flatmates to clean could be. Make sure you clean up after yourself and maintain great relationships every step of the way.dirty-ass-kitchen-1024x685
    4. Do talk things straightforward
      This might be the key to being a great flatmate. Communication and making sure you talk things through should be essential in the relationship with your flatmates. Whether it’s a messy kitchen or late payer that grinds your gears, hold a house meeting to air and resolve your grievances quickly and effectively.

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    5. Respect your neighbours
      To ensure a harmonious living environment, as well as maintaining great relationships with your flatmates, make an effort to be a good neighbour also. Every student loves to party but your neighbours may not be happy with celebrations going on until the early

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