How to Eat & Drink For Less than 10 PLN In Warsaw?

Posted by PaulinaSpadlo | September 9, 2016

Living on a budget can be a real struggle for a student. Especially when you are a foreigner who wouldn’t dare to wander on ‘hidden’ streets of Warsaw and you don’t have superpower to speak polish to look for information online. But we are here to help you out.

How toeat for less than 10pln-

So how to eat out the cheapest in Warsaw? The answer is simple: either follow restaurants which organize contests to win meals (like our office colleagues :))  or try food bars (mleczne bary). There are few of them in Warsaw and they offer nutritious, cheap meals plus the service is very fast.

To sum it up, it is kind of fast food but with polish, healthier food.

So we visited few places to give you a hint what you can find there and at what cost, here are the reviews.

1) Mleczarnia Jerozolimska

Al. Jerozolimskie 32 (They have several locations)

Price: $

Food: 9/10

Outlook: 10/10

It was an extreme surprise to see such a decent food bar with reasonable prices and looong line. We were waiting for pierogi and pancakes for around 10min and it was totally worth it.

Pierogi + Pancakes + 2 drinks (stewed fruit) = 17zł

2) Bar Bambino

Address: Hoża 19 Warszawa (Śródmieście)

Price: $

Food: 8/10

Outlook: 7/10

We met foreigners at that spot so I guess it is pretty known already. The prices are higher than in ‘Mleczarnia’ but you can expect wide variety of meat dishes which don’t go higher than 10 zl. Portions aren’t big but tasty. (Procedure: 1. you buy at the first window 2.  get the receipt and move over to the second one 3. Give receipt and wait for food – around 3 min)

3) Prasowy

Address: Ul. Marszałkowska 10/16

Price: $

Food: 6/10

Outlook: 7/10

Tomato soup + pierogi = 8.50 pln

4) Sady

Address: Krasińskiego 36, 00-190 Warszawa

Price: $

Food: 7/10

Outlook: 5/10 (veeery old school)

The “Sady” food bar is definitely one of the most oldschool places to go to. Don’t expect design furniture or fancy equipment there, everything is simple and old. This is a real experience of a food bar and if you ever thought about coming back in time you should pay a visit to this place. 🙂

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