How to Study Better

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | April 14, 2017

Study smart with our ultimate guide on how to study better!


Trying to memorize new information by anxiously repeating it over and over again may not work for you sometimes. In contrast, having useful study habits and strategies how to study effectively will help you save not only time but also your nerves.


Learn The Same Information In Different Ways


Try to use various ways to remember the information, which will stimulate different parts of the brain. This kind of memorizing  will help you to understand and retain the information in faster and more efficient way.

Visualization holds the idea to convert the information into a picture; in this way you turn on your visual memory

Connecting two ideas is another strategy for memorizing new information; all you should do is to take two ideas and ask yourself how they are related

Paraphrasing works well when you have a really complex idea and you turn it into simpler one. In this case you use your own words in order to understand a new material and explain it to yourself

Help Others holds the idea of explaining a new information to other persons. Constant repeating to yourself at loud may be useful for one time test, but in order to make a new material to sit forever in your head, the strategy of explaining it to another person in your own words will work the best

Give yourself a test for testing how well the learning process is going on. This will take you to almost natural exam environment and will make your brain to retain the information because there is a need

No Multitasking


It is proven that multitasking makes you less productive and distracted. If you do not turn off your favorite sitcomedy, stop chatting on Facebook, and playing with your pug, you will not be able to focus on memorizing the new information. (What do you mean you do not have a pug?! If you do not have one, then just go and get it!) 

Take Notes


Taking notes is another great strategy how to study for exams efficiently.  The main point here is to take notes by hand not with a laptop. The reason is not only online destructions and popping up messages from Social Media but also the technique itself. It is proven that your hands can actually “memorize” what you write; therefore, there is a big chance that what you were writing yesterday may come up on exam paper tomorrow easilly.

Take a Study Break


The best way to study is not dedicating yourself to books for the whole day; it is about balancing study hours and breaks, which should bring great results. Taking regular breaks helps your body to rest, enhances productivity, and improves focus. It is recommended to take every 5-10 minutes rest for every 40 minutes of studying.

*Tip: In order not to skip your relax time, it is better to use a stopwatch as a reminder when to give yourself a break

The break could be something as:

  • going for a walk
  • taking a shower
  • doing some exercises
  • stretching

This is not one of the study tips and off the topic but it is still important to consider. Reward yourself for each studying result, so you would get even more motivation to deliver good results. Some of the rewards may be:

  • eating your diet-forbidden snack
  • playing a musical instrument
  • listening to your favorite music

What Else?


Of course, such strategies may not work for everyone, that is why we recommend to find your own way how to learn efficiently. We hope you do not forget to take care of your health and well being, which is basic influencer of how you do on the test.

Active and healthy lifestyle makes you more energized and motivated to learn something new. Therefore, take into consideration such pieces of advice as:

  • drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day
  • exercise at least 3 times a week
  • have enough sleep
  • eat more veggies and fruits
  • do not cross the line with coffee and energy drinks as an energizer

The Erasmus semester may seem hard a little bit in the beggininng; yet, do not forget that you also came here for learning about new culture, having new experience, and eating tasty food!

If you have your own techniques how to study better, we will be happy to read them, so do not hesitate to leave your comments

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