January in Warsaw

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | January 13, 2017

January in Warsaw

          Winter time in Poland is amazing; you start comforting yourself with hot chocolate drinks, buying new warm socks with a Christmas tree pattern, and admit it, your home smells like clementines.

          January is cold! My toes are freezing! I cannot feel my nose! You guys, do not be so negative and look at that from different perspective; that is a great excuse to give yourself a teeny-tiny rest from your morning class:) Stay in a bed for a little bit more and enjoy your favourite morning drink after, while looking at others being in rush in the street through your window. 


It is important to stay warm and well dressed in January because you do want to go sledding or ice skating when you have a chance. Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and dress appropriately.

January Weather in Warsaw:

January average high: -1°C (31°F)
Average January Temperature: -3°C (26°F)
January average low: -6°C (21°F)

January outdoor activities in Warsaw

For sledding and ice skating fans, read this blog post to know such places in Warsaw.

Events in Warsaw:

Carnival Youth
17 January (Tuesday) 20:00
Venue: BARdzo Bardzo,  ul. Nowogrodzka 11
For those who want to listen some indie rock music, Carnival Youth is a perfect choice!

23  January (Monday) 20:00
Venue: Proxima, Żwirki i Wigury 99a

This guy has amazing covers, check it out!


27 January (Friday) 19:00
Venue: Progresja, Fort Wola 22, 01-258 Warszawa

VOPLI VIDOPLVIASSOVA is a popular ukrainian rock band, which was formed in 1986. They also play  folk, patriotic songs, punk, hard rock, heavy metal and electronic music.
If you wish to experience some Ukrainian music, welcome!




A Monster Calls


A Street Cat Named Bob

Enjoy spending your time in Warsaw! If you have already watched any of there movies do not spoil 🙂 but write your opinion or a recommendation for others in comments!


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