Legia Warsaw: The Most Successful Football Club in Poland

Posted by Szymon Chmiel | December 6, 2016


Legia Warszawa (in English known as a Legia Warsaw) is the most successful football club in Polish history winning eleven Ekstraklasa Champions titles, a record 18 Polish Cup trophies and four Polish SuperCup matches. Team was formed in 1916 during military operations in World War I on the Eastern Front in the neighborhood of Maniewicze in Volhynia. Interestingly, the team consisted a number of soldiers, who before the war practiced football. As a result, after the war the club quickly began to succeed. Legia moved to Warsaw after World War I in 1920. As for the performances in European competition they played 156 games. Balance of meetings –  68 victories and 39 defeats so it’s beneficial.

Golden age of football, Kazimierz Deyna

1970s are called in Poland golden age of football because over the 1960-1970 team contained a number of talented players such as Jan Tomaszewski, Kazimierz Deyna, and Robert Gadocha. Legia Warsaw enjoyed many successes like reaching the semi-finals in the 1969–70 European Cup.

One of the most talented Polish footballers in history was Kazimierz Deyna who played as an offensive midfielder. Deyna in his career played for clubs such as Legia Warsaw, Manchaster City and San Diego Sockers. Deyna played for Poland National Team on 97 occasions, scoring 41 goals, and often captained the side. He was selected by the magazine Football League as the best footballer of the 20th century. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident in 1989 in San Diego. In 2012, in Warsaw Legia Stadium was unveiled his statue.

kazimierz deyna[source]


Since 1930 Legia plays at Legia Warsaw Municipal Stadium of Marshal Józef Piłsudski which can accommodate 31 103 fans. The stadium is located on Łazienkowska 3 street.

legia warsaw stadium[source]

 Club colors and crest
 Legia Warsaw team colors are red-white-green-black. Most often Legia are playing with the letter “L” on the chest.
legia warsaw crest
Club anthem
 From March 12, 2004 (the match between Legia Warszawa and Odra Wodzislaw) fans started to sing Dream of Warsaw” by Czeslaw Niemen. Now it is sung by fans before each match.

 Legia Warsaw vs. Sporting CP
 Next Legia Warsaw match in Warsaw will take place on December 7 at 20:45. The team will face Sporting CP from Portugal. You can buy tickets here.
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