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Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | January 20, 2017


Warsaw Social considers itself to be the biggest events group in Warsaw. Currently, the organisation aims to provide approximately five events a week and manages to gather the majority of internationals who come to Warsaw in one place.

Warsaw Social Mission


“Our mission is to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy Warsaw and Poland no matter their language, income, or race. We would like to cure boredom and prevent loneliness where ever possible.”

Indeed, Warsaw Social has been doing a great job as now its calendar is busy with different kinds of events which are of great interest for Erasmus and exchange students. While some internationals are struggling with finding in what activities they can be involved in Warsaw, others are already attending  one of the events organized by Warsaw Social.

What Can They Offer? But…What Do You Want?

Being an Erasmus student you try to be exposed to as many new things and activities as you can. You are eager to learn the culture, get to know more people, or just blend in!

Guess what? Warsaw Social can offer all of them! Because it is not only about the parties and beer (which, of course, all Poles love so much) but a chance to  make new friends, attend various places of entertainment, and get some perspective! Warsaw Social is what unites the majority of internationals in Warsaw. It does not matter if you are Erasmus student or intern, party-goer or wine tasting lover,  chess player or karaoke ringleader, Warsaw Social will make sure you blend in and find the people who share your interests.

Theme Parties

Theme parties is one of the specialties Warsaw Social likes to do!



Warsaw Social has already held Latino, Neon, American House, Indian, and Brazilian Carnival theme parties, and they are not going to stop but rather use their creativity and imagination and organize some more unusual for Warsaw events.

Dance Lessons

“You do not observe  dance class, you dance a dance class”, (Friends, 1994). Stop observing someone to have fun while dancing different dance styles and join Warsaw Social for free dance lesson events!

Warsaw Social gives everyone an opportunity to learn different styles of dancing. Just take your friends with you and come to dance real Rock “n” Roll and  Barchata with Warsaw Social!


Nobody can be tired of partying and drinking delicious beer with poles; yet, if you would like to attend educational events, Warsaw Social can help you with that.  Warsaw Social team organizes different workshops for personal development, chess playing meetings,  trips to museums,  quizzes in teams,  and other events where Erasmus students meet new people and become more broad-minded!



Upcoming events of this category are Visit to the Center for Contemporary Art (23d of February)Pub Quiz in English (26th of February),  Chess Playing (7th of March), and Visit to Jewish History Museum (16th Of March).

Live Gigs

If you have craving for some live music, Warsaw Social does organize live performances. It can be jazz or rock live music and it will definitely create unforgettable memories of your Erasmus semester.

live gigsfffff


Holiday Occasions 

If any kind of holiday is coming, make sure you check Warsaw Social Calendar! It does not matter whether it is Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year, or Christmas, Warsaw Social will be happy to see you on these special occasions.

Food Events

Warsaw Social is also eager to organize some food events where they check out new places with food together. The upcoming event of this category is Spanish Tapas Tasting. Sounds  yummy!

Other events

Do you feel like you have nothing to do or not willing to do anything? Surfing Internet and watching YouTube is not an option. Go outside, get to know other people and socialize!

For such case, Warsaw Social organizes various activities like bowling, Beer ans Sketch, board games, wine tasting, jigsaw puzzles, ice skating, smoking Sheesha, and many others.

Warsaw Social Blog

For students or interns coming to Warsaw from abroad, it is important to get to know the place where they stay for at least one semester. On this matter, Warsaw Social created a blog, where internationals can find interesting places to go, ideas for traveling, tips for finding a job, and many others.


When getting to know Warsaw Social, you start to perceive it as your friend and adviser. And… there is no reason to be surprised, it’s just they are doing  a great job!

Warsaw Social Keep It Up!

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