Missing Your Mama’s Food?

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | April 12, 2017

Spending Erasmus semester abroad is indeed exciting and amazing; yet, once in a while you catch yourself thinking of your family and home.


You may fall asleep with thoughts about spending family time together, going for a walk with your lovely dog, or sharing a delicious traditional meal of your country with a friend. Oh dear, this is called home-sickness and it is not welcomed while being an Erasmus student!

One of the best ways to eliminate it is to go back home, of course. Yet, it is not necessary, if you have a plan! Step number one: get out your room and eat alternative mama’s food in the local restaurant. Warsaw is such a big city with lots of places to eat and it is absolutely possible to find the one with food that is so close to your favorite one back home. Of course, it is possible! Take a look at our list!

Asian Cuisine

Among all Warsaw restaurants Dziki Ryz is one of the most popular. This place has huge variety of Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Korean food. The portion of the meals is big and tastes delicious. Perhaps, this is your next stop after classes afternoon.

Address: ul. Pulawska 24B

Ukiuki is another Asian food place that may settle down you for a while after being homesick.  The restaurant is usually full of loyal customers coming back, so you will need to stay in line for some time to get in. Yet, once you are there, you can easily forget about all “coming back home” stuff and let the place to surprise you with delicious vegetarian and vegan meals.

Address:  Ul. Krucza 23/31

Izumi Sushi will please you with not only amazing food but also atmosphere. Locals call the restaurant “Japanese Garden” because of its unusual design.


Impressive design, calm background music, and fantastic food is something what makes Izumi Sushi so special.

Address: ul. Bialy Kamien 4

Italian Cuisine

Mąka i Woda is considered to be one of the best restaurants to eat Italian food in Warsaw. Yet, if you want a spot, it is better to book in advance as the place has got its loyal customers.  The oven is wood burning, which one of the points of traditional Italian pizza. The restaurant has an amazing variety of traditional meals including ravioli and pizza, of course.

Address: Chmielna 13A

Stephanie Italian Bistro is called a small Italy. It is a great place to have a gathering with friends, a casual date with a girl, or even time alone to read a book (in Italian, of course!). People who have been there remember themselves moving to Italy instead sitting in Warsaw bistro and sipping the coffee.

Address: ul. Złota 6

Pasta, Pizza, and ravioli are of course amazing; yet, what do you say to Italian pastry? La Bomboniera has lots of sweets and delicious treats made with Italian recipes. It is a great spot to have a cup of tea and enjoy freshly baked Italian cookies.


Address: Aleja Solidarności 82

French Cuisine

If you are looking for a French cuisine in Warsaw, Bubbles is a place you should not miss.  People from all corners of Poland capital go there to taste another French delicacy.  The restaurant has a big variety of wines for good prices and a really king service always ready to help. There is, in addition, wonderful atmosphere and amazing champagne variety, which make your evening truly French.


Address: ul. plac Marsz. Jozefa Pilsudskiego 9

Petit Appetit is a perfect place for having a breakfast or brunch with your friends or beloved one. This is one of those sweet places, which offer delicious French-kind food and lovely atmosphere. The cafe also has its special  three course lunch , including soup, salad,  a dessert for up to 25 Zl.

Address: ul. Nowy Swiat 27

Mexican Cuisine

Momencik is a right place for you if you do not want to spend much money but eat tasty food. This place can please you with huge variety of vegetarian options, nice service, and reasonable prices!

Address: ul. Poznanska 16

La Sirena: The Mexican Food Cartel  is popular because of its delicious tacos! Yet, do not limit yourself by ordering only them. You should definitely try other offers and check out the place itself. Nice background music and cozy atmosphere will make your day.

Address: Piekna 54

If there are other places of specific cuisine you really liked , do not hesitate to share below!

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