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Posted by Natalia Kacprzak | November 7, 2016

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Warsaw as the capital of Poland and the city of nearly 2 million inhabitants is arousing emotions in Poles, but not only… Even David Bowie dedicated his song to Warsaw. Another interesting fact is that the band Joy Division was originally named Warsaw in honour of David Bowie’s song. No wonder why… history of the city, life in the shabby neighbourhoods or bravery of Warsawians can inspire even the greatest musicians! We selected a few well-known music tracks which you might hear during your stay in the biggest polish city.

David Bowie – Warszawa

Warszawa is a mostly instrumental song by David Bowie, co-written with Brian Eno released in 1977 on the album Low. The track is meant to evoke the desolation of polish capital at the time of Bowie’s visit in 1973. The mysterious lyrics and the piece of melody in the middle part of the song are based upon polish folk choir.

Warsaw – Warsaw

For post-rock music lovers this one might be a great rarity. There are only a few clips of the early Joy Division when they were still known as Warsaw. This rare recording of Warsaw, from the self-titled album was only released in 1994. The album was recorded in Manchester, in May 1978.

Czesław Niemen – Sen o Warszawie

Absolutely the most important song about Warsaw was recorded in the 60’s and stole hearts of all Warsaw’s citizens. There was an initiative to make it the anthem of the city. So far, the song functions as a hymn of Legia Warsaw football club, however you might hear it everywhere (even in night clubs)… And believe us, everyone in Poland knows the lyric and start to sing after first sounds of the song!

You can find English translation of this song on lyricstranslate.

T.Love – Warszawa

Probably the biggest music success of this band. “Warszawa” became the first song of  T.Love which reached the number one of all national radio charts. According to the singer T.Love, there is no concert without this song. “Warszawa” describes the city, influence of history and love to the polish capital.

You can find English translation of this song on tekstowo (right side of the page)

Taco Hemingway – Następna stacja

Taco is one of the coolest young rappers in Poland. His lyrics are strongly connected to the actual situation in Warsaw and comment lifestyle of young citizens of Warsaw. This song describes the journey through the city by underground. You can hear here a short story about each metro station in the capital of Poland.

You can find English translation of this song on tekstowo (right side of the page)

Brodka – Varsovie

This one is in English and you can clearly hear the story of Monika, who fell in love with Warsaw. She’s describing her feelings and life in the capital of Poland (she’s originally from a small town in the Tatra Mountains).

Lao Che – Powstanie Warszawskie (album)

This band dedicated a full album to Warsaw’s uprising. This CD consists of 10 songs illustrating the course of 1944 in Warsaw. The album received many prestigious nominations and awards. Not only the lyrics but also the music represent the highest level!

You can find English translation of this song on lyricstranslate.

Vavamuffin – Vava to

This reggae/ragga song is trying to convince us that Warsaw (Vava) is a reggae town. Guys from Vavamuffin are sharing stories from different districts of Warsaw which you probably will never visit. Why is that? They’re not considered as the safest ones however, as the band is singing, Grochów, Sadyba, Tarchomin, Ochota and Saska Kępa are the only true ones in polish capital.

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