The Must List: What You Have to Try in Poland

Posted by Nora Gundogdu | April 4, 2017

Whether you are Erasmus or a traveler, everyone has a must list. A list that contains all the things you want to do. In this case when you visit Poland there are certain things worth trying before going back home. Make no mistake, you will get the most unique recommendations here. The kind you can’t find on top lists of Google search. These are not museums or best attractions in Poland for tourists. This is a list which will give you the feeling you are indeed in Poland.

Eat at Milk Bar (Bar Mleczny)
Every list should start with food, so here you go. Milk Bars are authentic Polish style cafeterias, which were very popular back in the times of communism. They are cheap, can be self-service based and are full of nourishing traditional Polish dishes. Pierogi, cutlets, pancakes with curd, various soups… You can never go wrong with delicious Polish food. If you’ve never been to one, you definitely must check it out.


Experience night life with Pub Crawl
You can get a taste of night life by joining cool people from all around the world. Pub crawl will take you to good pubs and clubs in the city with your new international drinking buddies. Goal is clear, drink all the way along!


Chilling by the Vistula River
Grab your cold Zubr/Tyskie and snacks and go down to Vistula River in the evening. The best option would be getting off at Metro Centrum Nauki Kopernik and walking towards Warszawska Syrenka. You will see so many people enjoying the warm weather and hanging out there. Chatting with your friends while sipping your Polish beer in front of a beautiful night view will make a perfect end of the day!

Discover Polish Rock/Indie Bands Spontaneously
Check out the day’s events and concerts while you are scrolling down your Facebook while bus ride. Did you see any concert coming up but you had no idea whether it’s good or not? Try it! Listening to local indie bands at a cozy live music venue will give you a unique experience. After the gig you might even have a chat with band members and audience about music scene in the city.

Go To A Polish Wedding party (a.k.a. drink vodka with Poles)
If there was a rule such as choosing only one must-try from this list, this would be it. You can’t leave Poland without going to a Polish wedding! A typical wedding lasts for two days and party starts right after church ceremony. Say yes to bottles and bottles of vodka coming on your way! The food is served all night-long. Blend in cheerfully tipsy and silly crowd! Dancing until your feet hurt is worth it.

Like anything, this list also came to an end… for now! Tell us about your best MUSTs in Poland in the comment section below, and see your recommendation on the list!

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