Packing for Erasmus Semester in Poland

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | February 7, 2017

           Let me guess…You are an Erasmus student, already being overwhelmed with Erasmus paperwork, thoughts about coming semester, and worries what may go wrong, you are sitting in your room,  surrounded with lots of clothes and have no idea what to pack!

The situation is not that bad…unless you are leaving in couple of hours, are you? No? Then you still have time to do everything right!

Planning what to pack for a semester that involves winter, spring, and summer time can be tricky. Yet, with our packing list you will be able to consider all travel essentials you may need for your trip.

            Let’s start with February; the weather this month can be indeed cold as daily low temperatures are around -4°C and falling below -13°C.


In this matter, the “must have” items for February would be:

  • hat
  • mittens
  • scarf
  • warm boots, outerwear, and socks
  • tights
  • sweaters
  • winter face cream

Of course, do not forget to pack such necessities like pants, underwear, shirts, and others.

           As for Spring months, it is important to have some essentials for rainy days, which will save your feet warm and dry from those March puddles:

  • rain boots
  • umbrella or a raincoat


           We feel like you get an impression that Poland has only cold and rainy days, but that is not true. In April you will already see flowers and grass, it will be warm and you will be able to have a picnic in a park or near the pond. This period in Poland is already great for jogging, bicycling, and doing morning exercises outside, so if you are active person, make sure you have:

  • sportswear
  • running shoes
  • phone case for running (if you have one)
  • mp3 player, iPod, any you prefer+headphones


           May and June will be warm enough to go to the seaside and have some fun with your new friends.

For these months, such items would be appropriate:

  • shorts and skirts
  • dresses
  • swimming suit
  • sandals/slippers
  • sunglasses
  • light jacket
  • some accessories (your choice)


Besides all that make sure you also pick up your necessities in spite of the season:

  • cosmetics you use on regular basis or of specific brand you may not find here
    medicine (to get medicine abroad you will need to have a ticket from the doctor)
  • hygiene items
  • hair dryer
  • portable USB or flash drive
  • sewing kit
  • glasses or lenses if applicable
  • few hangers
  • earplugs
  • scientific calculator for University classes if applicable (such staff can be expensive here)
  • posters/ pictures to decorate the room (you do not want to see those white walls for 5 months!)


In a trip, it is good to have:

  • pocket size native language-polish speaker dictionary (if you would like to learn polish language)
  • some polish money for the first couple days (just to be able to buy what you need instead worrying about exchanging it)
  • list of important contacts/addresses
  • hand sanitizer
  • the address of your accommodation (if you do not have one, you can find some options on official website of pepehousing)

Even though you are coming to a new country and you are ready for new experience, friends, and fun, make sure you take some of your favorite stuff, to feel a bit like home.

It can be:

  • pillow case
  • mug/plate
  • blanket
  • home socks
  • pajama
  • lamp
  • candles/other decorations
  • dairy 


We hope that our travel checklist helped you a lot to ease the process of packing for Erasmus semester in Poland. Do not forget to book your Erasmus room in advance if you do not want to spent days in hostel looking for a flat when everything would be already taken by other Erasmus students 🙂

Have the craziest and most memorable Erasmus experience ever!


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