Why should you participate in an Erasmus Exchange Program?

Posted by Martha Cutajar | July 17, 2018

Why should you participate in an Erasmus Exchange Program?


Studying and living abroad is a big step in any individual’s life, at times it is not easy to decide whether you should leave your country to go study abroad but this will surely help the student improve their personal and professional skills. An Erasmus exchange program provides you with the opportunity to try something new and gain new experiences, you can either choose to study abroad or do an internship in an another European country. It may be difficult for students to decide whether they should take this step or not but this is very common for the majority of the students. The hardest part is deciding whether you should go or not, but it will be an experience that you will never forget and will teach so many new things that will even help you in your future work life.

Benefits of an Erasmus Exchange Program


  • Living in another Country

Many people are deciding to just pack up their bags and leave to work in another country, but there might be the difficulty of not being able to adapt to this new life abroad unless you have experienced it before. With the help of an Erasmus program, students will be able to decide whether they should leave to another country permanently in the future, it will also help them identify whether they are strong enough and capable to live on their own, where at times they will have to handle difficult situations and it may not always be easy.

  • Increases Employability

This is the biggest advantage of an Erasmus exchange program as it is determined that this program helps to improve the level of your CV and it will help you find a better job than other students since you would have gained an international experience and that is something that potential employers are really looking for as they see it very essential in recruitment. In addition, an exchange program will help you to improve certain soft skills such as adaptability, taking initiative, time management and learn how to be proactive which are very essential for future careers.


  • Trying new Learning and Teaching Practises

When you have been studying in one country all your life, you are not being exposed to different learning and teaching practises, Going abroad will help students to understand better how learning and teaching practises differ from one country to another. Being exposed to these differences will help you to learn how to adapt to different things and this will be very beneficial for your personal life. The student will be able to understand better different point of views of different individuals and through this they would be able to look at things in a different perspective as well.

  • Getting to know new Places

One of the main reasons students decide to go on Erasmus is that they will have the ability to travel to new countries. Going to new countries will help you to know how big the world really is and it will help you to be exposed to new and different cultures. Going abroad will help you make new friends from all over the world that may last a lifetime.



  • Provided with financial support while Studying Abroad

An Erasmus exchange program will enable students to go and study abroad while being provided with financial support that will for sure help limit the expenses of the whole stay in another European country. This is one of the most important benefits of Erasmus as if a student  decides to study abroad without Erasmus they would need to take care of the whole expenses by themselves.

  • Believing in Yourself

When you are away in a new country, away from all of your family and friends, you will have to learn how to handle difficult situations that you might encounter. You will have to be strong and believe in yourself so that you will be able to handle certain situations in the best way possible. Through this, the student can be able to improve more in self- confidence and this will definately be a benefit for you personally in the future.

  • Manage your own Finances

When abroad, you will have to be in charge for everything during your stay, you have to shop for different groceries, taking care of accommodation, identifying which is the most affordable and convenient way in means of public transport. In the beginning, it may be quite hard to take care of all these things but this will definitely help you in becoming independent. This will be an experience that will aid you in knowing how to manage and plan your finances which will be a benefit for you if you decide to go and live on your own in the future.


This article shows that there are so many benefits in going on an Erasmus program. It will help exchange students to make so many great memories that will last a lifetime and that you will never forget. You might be sad when your stay will come to an end but you will also know that you were very lucky to gain this new experience and that you were provided with this amazing opportunity.

What were the benefits that you noticed after participating in an Erasmus Exchange Program ? Share it in the comments section below!

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