Public Transportation in Lodz

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | March 13, 2017
 Are you confused while looking for your way from your Erasmus flat or university to a location in
Lodz? You can stop wondering because the following article will show you the way through the
streets of Lodz.
Public Transport in Lodz
The city of Lodz has well-developed network of trams and buses. It counts 19 tram lines running from 5:00
till midnight and many bus lines (more than 20) running from 5:oo to 23:00 (including 7 night buses from 23:00 to 5:00). This is considered to be the main public transport in Lodz.
As it was mentioned above, there are 19 tram lines in the city of Lodz, which makes it easy and fast to reach any destination point of the city. They are running from around 5:oo till midnight and the average waiting time excluding rush hours is between 10 and 15 minutes.
         The alternative mean of transportation is a bus. Lodz has a very big number of buses running from around 5:00 to 23:00. In addition to that, for people who are coming back from parties and night walks, there are 7 night buses running between 23:00 and 5:00. The frequency of these buses is 1 hour, so it is better to watch the time and check out the schedule in jakdojade.
          As Lodz is a big and developing city, it is important to mention that there are often renovations of the tram lines going on, which are substituted with bus lines (starting with the letter “Z”). In contrast, the night buses’ numbers start with the letter “N”.
Like everywhere in Poland, the tickets for the trams and the buses are the same. You have the choice to buy them from tickets machines. If it’s not available on the bus stop, you can often buy the ticket directly from the driver at the boarding. Yet, try to check if the driver does sell tickets, because some of them will  insist on buying one in the kiosk or ticket machine.
          As the weather already gets better, it would be a nice idea to travel around  the city using bicycles and take advantage of the spring warm. There are many companies in Lodz from where you can rent the bike. What is even better idea is to register on the website  for using the public bikes of Lodz. After the registration, you will receive a PIN that you have to save for multiple use and then you can ride the public bikes available in 100 stations all around the city of Lodz.
As the initial fee for the bikes, you should put 20 zl to your account (around 5 euros) and always have a balance of 10 zl (2.5 euros). The prices to rent the bikes are the following:
-before 60 minutes: for free
-20 minutes: 1zl
-2 hours: 3zl
-3 hours: 5zl
Bikes is not only a great way to view the city but also to stay fit and active while enjoying beautiful surroundings.
Planning your journey and your budget
          Before going anywhere, you have to check how much it will cost and what is the quickest transport you could use. Here is some information about ticket cost to help you out:
-Up to 20 minutes ticket: 2.60 zl.
-Up to 40 minutes ticket: 3.40 zl.
-Up to 60 minutes ticket: 4.40 zl.
          There are of course long-term transport tickets  available. Don’t forget that if as an EU student, you have a student card from the Polish university or you are holder of ISIC card and under the age of 26, you can benefit from the reduced fares.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us- we will be happy to guide you on this topic!

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