Reasons to Love Warsaw

Posted by Martha Cutajar | August 23, 2018

Top Reasons Why Anyone Would Love Warsaw


Moving to Warsaw soon? Then this article is dedicated for you. If you are going to embark on a new adventure and move this big new city, Warsaw, then you currently might be having doubts about this new place, whether there will be interesting places to spend some time in, whether you will make some new friends and most importantly you might be thinking about if Warsaw is a safe city. At Pepe Housing, we hope to make your life a little easier and  change your perspective of Warsaw because we came up with the best reasons why anyone would love this amazing Polish city.

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#1 The City is Alive


Warsaw is also known as the city that never sleeps. At any time of the day, you will always find someone walking the streets of Warsaw and you can easily find something to do, always. Warsaw makes it impossible for anyone to feel and become bored since there is always constant movement and always filled with people.

#2 A very Safe City


Different individuals might have the interpretation that since it is the country’s capital and it is the biggest city, it might be considered as not that safe but it is time to change their perception because it is not true. Warsaw is the perfect city for students and this is because the security and the police in this country do not fail to their job.

#3 Filled with things to do


A previously mentioned, you can’t get bored easily in Warsaw, in my case I have been in the city for more than a month and I still did not see everything and there are so many things I still need to do, these vary from museums to specific landmarks in the city, new restaurants and cafes and most importantly those amazing parks you can’t not fall in love with.

#4 Easy to travel from one point to another


We have to be honest here, Warsaw is enormous, but it is super easy to travel from one place to another in the city. You can either make use of trams, bus or any other type of transportation and for those who hate public transport you can always catch a taxi, they are super cheap and much faster!! You can always choose to find out more about the surroundings of the city by walking or renting a bike, it is very common in Warsaw.

#5 Warsaw is an International city


Warsaw is very International and this is because you can find people from all over the world in the city ,we are not only talking about tourists but a lot of individuals are moving to Warsaw and this is because there are so many job opportunities with a lot of well known companies from all over the world. We cannot fail to mention that there are also international restaurants, they vary from Italian, Chinese,Turkish, Mexican and so many more. If you love food, then without no doubt, we can say you will love Warsaw.

#6 There are Wonderful Parks


Feel the need to escape the busy and hectic city for a few hours? Warsaw is the perfect city to do so and this is because it has a lot of parks to offer. Without no doubt that Łazienki Park is the most popular one in the city, it is such an amazing park where you can easily go and spend some time there to forget about your stress and just relax there under the trees. There are also more parks that are lovely where you can go out for a walk, run or even ride a bike.

#7 Amazing Skyline


The picture below just says it all. For all those who love the city life, a perfect skyline is what puts you more in the atmosphere of a city and Warsaw is one city in Europe which is very popular for specifically that.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this article and we also believe you will have a marvelous time in Warsaw and if you know of any more reasons why you love Warsaw, feel free to comment in the comment section below. Enjoy!

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