Room Decoration Tips for Your Erasmus Flat

Posted by Nora Gundogdu | March 16, 2017

Have you already rented your perfect flat and are ready to begin your Erasmus journey? Or you already got your Erasmus room ready but don’t feel like it suits you very well? To make you feel more comfortable and homey, Pepe Housing would like to present you some ideas of how to decorate a room!

Make it personal!

Let’s start with printing out your favorite photos of your family, friends, or loved ones. You can hang them on your wall in a way that the first thing you see when you wake up or feel down will be the photos. And since you’ll be making lots of new friends from all over the world, numbers of photos on your wall will grow day by day.

Demonstrate Your Nonconformism!

If you are an indie or just a unique person, shine your coolness with your different room decor! A huge DJ set, abstract  paintings, a big old looking world map, a small Buddha figure, a colorful tapestry, and incense that makes room smelling like a yoga class … Don’t laugh and say “No way!”. You don’t have to follow the norms, right?

Do Minimalism!

Your bedroom decoration reflects pieces of information and quirks about you, because it is the most personal space. For the people who are organised and love their space to be just like their mind, keep it minimalistic! Simple colors and practical furniture. Any Erasmus flat is incomplete without a piece of furniture from… Well everyone knows about this place… IKEA!

You can find this furniture giant in several cities in Poland.

Gdansk: Złota Karczma 26

Krakow: Josepha Conrada 66

Lodz: Pabianicka 255

Poznan: Szwedzka 10

Warsaw: Janki, Pl. Szwedzki 1 and Targówek, Malborska 51

Wroclaw: Bielany Wr. Czekoladowa 5a

More Ideas!

Fairy lights is another idea for decorating a room in a simplistic way. You can hang them on the wall/door, your bed’s headboard, and basically wherever you wish. Printed out inspirational quotes will also give your room a special character. How about“ Keep Calm and Pub Crawl!”? Colored and patterned tape as photo frames is a perfect
product to hang photos on the wall without upsetting your landlord. If you are looking for a place to buy more colorful and cheerful patterned tape and other DIY products, you will find Tiger the best place!

You can find Tiger in such cities as:

Gdansk: ul. Brzozowa 9C

Gdynia: ul. Świętojańska 43/45

Krakow: ul. Floriańska 28

Lodz: ul. Piotrkowska 55

Poznan: Galeria Malta, ul. Maltańska 1 and ul. Półwiejska 16

Warsaw: Wola Park, ul. Górczewska 124, Aleja Jana Pawla II 41a/9, al. Jana Pawla II 11, Nowy Świat 25, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, ul. Marszałkowska 104/122, and pl. Bankowy 2.

Wroclaw: ul. Szewska 6/7

Get Inspired!

Don’t forget to check websites and applications like Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram for many more design ideas. You can come across so many different decorating tips and hacks. For instance, these DIY tutorial is worth checking out.

Turn Your Memories Into Decorations!

Start collecting pieces of reminders from fun meet ups, student parties, and birthdays. Those can be an empty bottle of red wine your flatmate gave you on your birthday, party entrance bracelets, or photo booth print ­outs with your friends. They may appear to be the most valuable and beautiful decorations for your room design.

Well, you can never decorate room too much! So why limit yourself ? Buy that big purple paper lamp you have seen recently.  Do You want to make your own big purple paper lamp? Even better! Go to a city in Poland where you’ve never been this weekend spontaneously! Make new memories and bring them back to your room. Because after all every student deserves a nicely decorated room!

You are welcome to share your room decor ideas or pictures in comments!

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