Simple Things You Did Not Know You Might Need

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | June 22, 2017

As every student, you find yourself struggling to get enough sleep, eat well, have motivation to study, or be more organized. Yet, every effort fails and you just give up. What if….


What if we tell you that there are some hacks, or in other words, things that may make your student life much simpler? Ready? Here is a university/college checklist of things that would actually make you student life easier.

Eye Mask

If you are about to share a room with someone, there is a slight possibility that your roommate may come up to be  that not respecting person who does not turn the light off after a midnight when you are struggling to fall asleep and does not respond to your kind requests. Cute eye mask will help you to eliminate the problem and  get enough sleep before another sad student day.



Is it Tuesday today? Do I have a presentation tomorrow or was it yesterday? When is the Erasmus party with ESN? Can you relate such questions to yourself? If yes, you need a notebook or an organizer, where you can put all the important information not to get lost among all the events, meetings, and other things going on in your student life.

Travel Cup

There are people who do have time to drink coffee in the morning. Wait…no, it is not an option for a student. What we, students, do like to do is to wake up late and run after that last bus going straight to our university. There is no time for coffee at home in comfy and relaxing coach but in a bus on the way to school. Travel cup will save you in this case, and will keep your coffee warm to the last. “We need no magic and love, just coffee please”, every student in the morning.


– You are too lazy to cook

-You are too tired after classes to cook

-You do not now how to cook

-You like bread, toasts, sandwiches

– You like simple things

If at least 3 options relate to you, then you need a toaster. This simple thing will help you to get easy snack fast and you do not need to get into real cooking when you do not want to.


Something for Mood

Sometimes ( or all the time, people are different-we are not judging!), students do have this feeling of doing nothing, being sick of studies, and having no motivation to do homework. They need some inspiration and something to cheer them up. Yes, you are thinking of food but it is not. Any type of decoration, which you like will work! This can be either fairy lights, candles smelling soooo good, or a green plant. They are beautiful and make your study place cozy and home alike.

Lunch Box

No words are needed. Although…

Lunch box will help you not to miss your food time and will keep you on track with good digestion. This is one of the things you need for university.  This is very good for your body to have a steady food time schedule. Also, they are convenient to carry around.


Do you know any other things that would make a student life easier? Comment below!


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