Street Art Places in Poland Worth to Visit

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | January 23, 2017

Are you thinking about an interesting place where you can take a creative picture or just have a walk? Street art, ladies and gentlemen!

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Poland is not only a nice place to visit for an Erasmus program or studies, but also a country of a great street art. Many people may call street art as an act of vandalism, but in Poland street art is perceived as something that makes cities even more beautiful and worth visiting. Street art has story, character, and what is most important is that it makes the audience think, “What does the author want us to think about?”

Let us to introduce you some of the best street art places in Poland that immediately draw your attention.


Warsaw has a bunch of great street art places, which are worth visiting. They are creative, bizarre, and give the city a character. Creative paintings makes you stop and give it a great thought.

First street art that drew our attention can be viewed from the Chopin Museum in Ostrogskich Palace. It is dedicated to Chopin’s life and was  created by such street art artists as Jakub Rebelka, Piotr Janowczyk, Pola Dwurnik, Marcin Urbanek, Łukasz Mieszkowski, Tomesz Lew Leśniak, Krzysztof Kostry Ostrowski, Krzysztof Gawronkiewicz, Michał Śledziński, and Daniel Goldstein.

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 Address: Tamka street, Warsaw, Poland

This street art is a great blend of old building background and colors of the painting itself.

art 3


Address: Ulica Widok 11

The last street art of Warsaw definitely differs from the previous ones. Talented sculptor, Thomas Górnicki,  makes sculptures that have feelings. From the first glimpse, you see a bizarre creature that is not from the world of ours. You also think, “God, I hope I will not see this sculpture at the night time!”. Yet, the aim of the art is not to scare pedestrians who are passing by, but to represent the idea that Christmas is not a happy time for everyone (the sculpture was placed just before Christmas). The sad eyes of the art under the bridge are observing a busy crowd of people, who are preparing for Christmas.  It represents the person who wants to stay invisible, who is abandoned, and the one whom people do not want to see. That’s deep.

art 2


The sculpture was placed in the tunnel of Złota street, but was removed later.

If you would like to see more street art of  Warsaw, we invite you to check out this article.


If you visit Kraków, make sure that street art is a part of your entertainment program. Kraków has lots of street art that can make your trip to the city a special one. This street art is called  “M-City 658” and considered to be one of the top achievements of the world of street art. It was created in preparation for the Grolsch ArtBoom Festival 2013.



This street art represents Kraków as a city-steamer, floating on the waters of the giant aquarium. Well, this is weird, yet breathtaking in reality!

Address: ul. Krupnicza 26

Another street art is also something to enjoy. Indeed, it does not look like other works, but has its original style, bold color, and impact, for sure.



         Street art can have a great influence on society. It drives creativity, emphasizes a freedom of expression, describes history, and makes the society wonder. Let’s agree, a well done street art makes the streets, buildings, and other places more original.




Wrocław also has a lot of street arts, which attract both citizens and tourists to take a look and make a picture to remember.



 In 2008 the curators of Galeria Awangarda organised Poland’s first street art exhibition and invited 20 of Europe’s biggest names to create street art throughout Wrocław. The whole exhibition of the street art was named “Out of Sth” and was focused near both the city’s art gallery and urban landscape.


This street art is called “Gate to Nadodrze” and is a winning project of mural in the contest organized in 2013. Nadodrze is a historical district of Wrocław, which is being renovated.  So, maybe this street art is the glimpse into yet not renovated part of the city? Anyway, this looks impressive!



Address: Władysława Łokietka St. 3


This street art took part in Outer Spaces Festival in 2013. Looks definitely inspirational and touching, as most of the street art works of  Marina Zumi.



Address: ul.Poznańska

More of her art works you can see here.

Another street art work that took part in Outer Spaces Festival (2011) is work of Erosie.



More of her beautiful art works you can find here.

Address: ul. Woźna13

This powerful street art was created by Gila Hundun as a part of Outer Spaces Festival, that took place in 2012.



Address: ul.Hetmańska 101

More of his art works you can find here.

If you know other amazing street arts in these cities or you would like to share with us your favorite street art, please comment below!

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