Study Items you should pack for Poland

Posted by Martha Cutajar | August 14, 2018

Packing for Poland : Study Items


Are You coming to Poland to study? If yes, then you should definitely start thinking about the things you need to take with so that you will have the most amazing experience in this new adventure. Let’s be honest, packing might be the least nicest thing about going away to another country and for the majority of individuals and students it is very stressful to pack and not to forget the most important things. If you are a student and you are coming to Poland to study, then you should definitely think about bringing some study items with you that will help you be more effective during the scholastic year or semester and this is the easiest list of them all. Always remember to pack light so that you would not take unnecessary space from your luggage.

Pepe Housing has created a list of study items that you definitely should fit into your suitcase on your way to Poland.

You should pack a Student Planner


A student planner will definitely help you study more throughout the semester. This study item can really come in handy when students have so many exam deadlines, part time job timetable and also some social life activities, this will help you manage all of these better while also helping you to identify what your main priorities are. You can easily order a student planner online since you can find so many affordable ones with a wide variety where to choose from. Some might say that with a smartphone you are able to do the same things but when specifically buying a student planner you can keep it always with you where you can easily access it. If you are using your smartphone for such features it may run out of battery while with a student planner you never have to worry about such thing.



In addition to the student planner, you can easily pack one notebook in your suitcase where you can jot down some notes during a lecture to remember what was said during class. You can easily find notebooks in many supermarkets and stationary stores. Some might prefer to write down their notes on their laptop but it is determined that if you write down your notes you will be able to study better in the future since writing things down helps you to remember more. Additionally, some lecturers might not be comfortable with students using their laptops in class so you might as well avoid all of the hassle and just take a notebook with you.



You don’t really have to worry about pens since they can easily be purchased once you arrive in Poland but when you think about it pens are definitely not going to take a lot of space so you might as well bring them with you from the beginning. You will definitely need to use them in school and there might be a chance of using them at the airport too. It is recommended to pack packets of pens in a sealed bag so that if they leak, your clothes will still be safe.

Pack a smart Outfit


During the scholastic year, there is a big probability that you would have to work in a group but it is more likely that you would have to deliver a presentation to an audience. You have to be well prepared for such occasions therefore it is best to pack a smart outfit or two, you should definitely think from before which is the best outfit you should take for such occasion, as the look will determine whether people can take you seriously or not.

USB Flash Drive


This item is definitely a must when packing for a semester or an entire scholastic year abroad, it is alway good to have a backup of your exam essay that you have spent so much time working on. You can practically back up a lot on a USB flash drive, from pictures to movies but the most important has to be school related stuff such as notes and assignments which are already done. Another alternative to a USB flash drive is other online platforms such as Google Drive or i Cloud.



If currently, you are out of school then most probably you are not reading as much as you used during the previous scholastic year but now it is time to get back to reading. It is highly advised to go and check your eyes before moving to Poland. If you are one of those good students that makes a lot of reading, you should go and check whether you need a pair of specs and if you already own a pair, then definitely do not forget them.



Since life in Poland is not expensive, there will be the chance that if you buy a backpack from Poland you would probably get it cheaper than you would have from your country therefore you should think about buying it from Poland.

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you know of any study items that were not mentioned here, feel free to comment in the comment section below!

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