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Posted by Aksen Semak | August 24, 2017

Study in Poland



Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. Now I am first year student of Business and Technology at Technical University of Lodz in Poland. I have been studying Computer  Science for a year during which I met a lot of foreign people. For the purpose of this blog I asked them a few questions so that I have a wide perspective on  How is it like studying in Poland from people from different countries, cultures.



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Many universities offer dormitories for foreign students, but not everyone wants to live in those conditions. In every city you will find many offers of renting a house but they are usually  „hidden” on polish sites which makes it hard for foreigners. There are also sites that provide you with rental services such as pepehousing which allows you to search for a single room, flat apartment or studio in the biggest Polish cities. It is not only more comfortable, but also safer to rent through such kind of site.




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The first thing that many people appreciate in studying in Poland is the amount of people on their faculty. The groups are usually no more than 30 students. In such small groups the atmosphere is different and teachers involve more students during their lecture, laboratory or tutorials. The teachers were really helpful and always available for meeting us if we had questions said Margaux from France. The teacher’s approach to students is more individual.


Cost of living in Poland


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Everyone who has ever done Erasmus in Poland will say that living here is really cheap comparing to their countries. ”The student life there is very active. Thanks to ESN organisation at the universities you will have the possibility to discover the country and enjoy your stay at the the city trought trips, parties, sport events and much more said Julien from France. This shows that because of the prices being active during your exchange is way easier.




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In that score I heard many different opinions. Of course it depends what people you will meet while studying. Polish people who study in English are usually very helpfull and open to foreign people. There are also many organisations like ESN or BEST that organise events to integrate the comunity. „There are two types of Polish people. The first group is helpfull, opened for foreigners etc,  the other doesn’t care about foreigners, some of them are racist.” said Irene from Spain. This doesn’t mean that you should be scared. You will spend most of your time with people from your studies or other foreigners.

I hope I encouraged you to start studying in Poland!



by Filip Osiński

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