Studying and Living in Warsaw

Posted by blogadmin | May 24, 2016
I freshly moved to Warsaw and honestly I didn’t have any idea about how it looks like or what is good about it. The only few pictures of the city made me have first impression of it as a very modern and a big town. Once I arrived 7 months ago, I had the chance to visit it and to discover its various aspects.
I was first of all impressed by the architecture of the buildings and the majesty of the Palace of Culture in the city center.

It is also the perfect place to get in touch with the Polish culture: Warsaw offers a huge amount of  various museums where you can learn about its rich history. For instance, you can visit the uprising museum that gives a visual about the situation of Poland during WW2. If you are fan of classic music, there is the Chopin Institute where you can listen and appreciate a very sofisticated and tasteful sounds. And for more technical spirits there is the Copernic Museum that offers some amusements
and technological experiences.
stare miasto
We can’t come to Warsaw without visiting its gorgeous old town where you can admire the Royal Castle and the beautiful small streets with many bars and pubs where you can taste the typical Polish food.
For nature lovers, there is an enormous number of parks, great places for relaxing, running, or just hanging out with friends to drink a beer. My favorite place is on the coast of Warsaw’s river Wisła (Vistula), which is a very trendy place to hang out for students and young people.

Warsaw is a great place for students because of many reasons. It has many valuable universities with many specialties and huge libraries. The accommodations for students are available and affordable for them. And of course the night life here is great and there are so many places to go to for parties or just for drinks.

The best part of all above is that living costs in Warsaw is low and students can afford to have a comfortable life there.

Halima, (24)
from France
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Krychowiak musi dzisiaj zagrać mecz życia abyśmy wygrali walkę o środek boiska.

zgadzamy sie;)

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