The Vistula River Bank – The Best Place to Be in Warsaw

Posted by Natalia Kacprzak | August 2, 2016

Even though Warsaw is located hours away from the Baltic Sea you can still enjoy sitting by the water and do water-related activities. Thanks to the Vistula River (the longest river in Poland and one of the longest in Europe) Warsaw has its’ own beaches, beach bars and makes people forget about the fast paced and noisy big city life. Neighbourhoods located by the Vistula are one of the most prestigious and wanted. No wonder why… Just check out how many cool spots are located along the river.


Photo: The Vistula River in Warsaw [source]

Right side of the river

The right side (the side of Praga district) gives a chance to relax on sand. The magazine “National Geographic” distinguished Warsaw for the most beautiful city beaches in the world. This is due to the greenery, sand and the beautiful panorama of the Old Town. In the ranking Warsaw was mentioned among the cities like Sydney, Vancouver, Cape Town, Paris and Brighton.


Photo: Poniatówka Beach [source]

oatmeal cookies

Not only the beach but also beach bars are the magnet to spend afternoons on the right side of the Vistula. Places like La Playa, Temat Rzeka and Plażowa are some the spots offering live music, parties or other activities. For example, every saturday and sunday you can join free outdoor yoga class in Plażowa.


Photo: Yoga in Plażowa [source]

la playa

Photo: La Playa [source]

Left side of the river

Though the left side does not offer sandy beaches you’ll find there plenty of bars and barges turned into floating clubs. The boulevard in Powiśle is the most visited place during the warm nights. Here you can have some drinks and party till dawn. Just walk from one bar to another, change the barges and meet young Varsovians! See the party line ups and hit one of these recommended places: Hocki Klocki, Cud nad Wisłą, BarKa, Plac Zabaw, Pomost 511, Sen Nocy Letniej, Miami Wars or Wynurzenie.


Photo: Party in Hocki Klocki [source]


Photo: BarKa [source]

Park Fontann

Fountain lovers should visit this place each friday and saturday at 9:30pm for the multimedia show of four fountains. A 30-mins multimedia show “water-light-sound” using LED spotlights and lasers is one of the best water shows in Poland.


Photo: Fountains with light shows [source]

Cycling by the river

The Vistula river bank offers also a perfect solution for the bike lovers. 30 kilometers long bike path stretches along the boulevard and is the best place for spend an active day. Here you can enjoy long and not disrupted bike rides among beautiful surroundings. Simply take your bike or rent the city bike – there are about 6 stations by the river where you can pick one of the Veturilos!


Photo: Cycling by the river [source]

Warszawska syrenka

Once you get off the metro station Centrum Nauki Kopernik have to admire the Mermaid of Warsaw – a symbol of Warsaw and the beautiful story behind it. The legend says that the mermaid was swimming in the river when she stopped on a riverbank near the Old Town to rest. Liking it, she decided to stay. Local fishermen noticed that something was creating waves, tangling nets, and releasing their fish. They planned to trap the offender, but fell in love with her upon hearing her singing. Later, a rich merchant trapped the mermaid and imprisoned her. Hearing her cries, the fishermen rescued her, and ever since, the mermaid, armed with a sword and a shield, has been ready to help protect the city and its residents.


Photo: The Mermaid of Warsaw [source]

Gruba Kaśka

Have you ever wondered what is this weird thing standing close to Łazienkowski Bridge? Gruba Kaśka (Fat Kate) is the place without which many people in Warsaw could not drink coffee or tea. This is the building of the town’s well and the water intake in the riverbed of the Vistula. To the well leads 130 m long tunnel, running under the bottom of the Vistula. Unfortunately available only for the employees waterworks.

gruba kaśka

Photo: Gruba Kaśka [source]

If you really love the river and want to live nearby all the mentioned places we recommend searching for your future apartment in Śródmieście, Powiśle and Praga district.

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