Tips for getting back to school

Posted by Martha Cutajar | August 10, 2018

Tips for getting back to school


Don’t worry, summer is not over yet but that time of year will be back again very soon, everyone knows that it can be quite hard to get used to ordinary school days when you have just spent an amazing summer going out every minute you can with your friends, enjoying the sun, travelling to another country either with your family or friends and many other summer activities. I, for one am a student myself and I would be lying if I said that I am ready to go back to school because in reality who is ?

Pepe Housing have prepared these great back to school tips which will make you have an outstanding year and will help realize how to make the most of a scholastic year. Continue reading this article to know more about these back to school tips…

Tip #1 – Buy super cute school supplies


Going back to school will be so much more exciting and it will help be ready more than ever to hit the books again. Taking notes in a super cute notebook is so much more motivating than taking notes in a regular notebook thus this will result in you becoming the ideal student since you will be taking more notes than before which will ultimately result in getting better grades.

Tip #2 – Purchase a new Laptop


Fed up of your 4 Year old Laptop which can barely last 30 minutes of battery?  Yes, buying a new laptop will cost you a good amount of money but at least you would not have to worry that it will shut down any second! If you have spent a summer working, then you should have something saved up, use that money wisely, invest in a good laptop which will make it much more easier for you to work on your assignments and projects. It is highly recommended to buy a thin and light laptop which is easy to carry around so that you can take it to school with you.

Tip #3 – Have a well organised Planner


This is one of the best things of going back to school, having a well organised planner will help you to be much more organised in both your school things and other normal activities you need to do. This tip should really be considered as it will definitely help you in learning how to plan and manage your things better.

Tip #4 – Know Your Syllabus Well


This is a very important tip that you absolutely need to follow, getting used to and knowing your class schedule well will help you be more successful as a student throughout the year. Normally, teachers will give the students the syllabus in class or else they will post it on an online platform. It is highly recommended to keep this safe in a place where you can easily look it up, knowing your deadlines is a very import part of being a student thus you need to get updated about deadlines and other school activities such as meetings etc occasionally. Knowing the course syllabus well will eventually help you in getting well grades in the end.

Tip #5 – Find new Ways to Relax


Stress is the most common feeling with students when school has just started and even throughout the whole scholastic year. You can easily make stress more manageable by looking for some stress relieving activities you will enjoy, it can be either watching your favourite Tv Show, finding a new hobby such as taking a dance class or even doing some yoga at the end of the day. Yoga is very popular with students during a tough exam period as it helps to lower high levels of stress and will help you to be more relaxed.

Tip #6 – Eliminate Procrastination


I can assure you that I am the worst at this. The majority of the students feel guilty about leaving a bunch of workload till the very last minute which only results in having tons of stress which makes it even more difficult to reach the specific deadline. Dedicating an hour everyday to keep up with all of the assignments and studies is something that will definitely result in a positive outcome when it comes to getting better grades and result in you becoming the ideal student.

Tip #7 – Identify what type of learner you are


Not everyone learns the same, every student can either be an auditory, visual or a kinesthetic learner. Knowing what type of learner you are will result in becoming a better student and have much better studying habits. Knowing the best learning style will be a benefit to you since studying will become an easier task, this is because you would not be wasting some much time studying in the wrong way but actually studying in a way which will help you to learn and memorize things.

Tip #8 – Know your Academic Goals


Students should write down a list of goals that they would like to get out of the scholastic year, this will be an easier task for the students to reach specific goals. It can either be joining a sport club at school, take part in the school play, improve your grades and many more. The list will help you in  motivating yourself more and just get up and reach these goals you have in mind.

If you would like to share more back to school tips that you know about, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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