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Posted by Halima Benslimane | April 7, 2017

Do you want to know more about Polish culture and history while participating in Erasmus program in Warsaw? If you are already thinking of what to do in Warsaw and what places to visit in the city, then this article will guide you through some of the most popular attractions in Warsaw. There are plenty of interesting  museums that will take you back in time or will make you a little bit more aware of how rich and worth to explore Polish culture is.

Warsaw Uprising Museum (Muzeum Postania Warszawskiego)
This is a definitely must see museum; it is a tribute to the people who stood up and died for their country during the uprising of Warsaw in 1944. Once you are inside, you feel like you are taken back to the time of the war because of amazing sounds effects and museum’s design. You can even see a World War II plane there in addition to uniforms, pictures, and weapons used back those times.

Address: ul.Grzybowska 79
Opening hours

  • Mon-Wed-Fri: 8 am-6 pm/
  • Thu: 8 am-8 pm
  • Sat-Sun: 10 am-8 pm


  • Normal price: 18zl
  • Reduced: 14zl/groups: 10zl/person

Polin, Museum of Polish Jews

This is one of the most popular places to visit in Warsaw. This museum retraces the conditions of Jewish life for 1000 years; you can discover how Jews came to Poland and how they confronted the horrific treatment of the exterior world such as xenophobia and fascism.

Address: ul.Mordechaja Anielewicza 6
Opening hours

  • Mon-Thu-Fri: 10 am-6 pm
  • Wed-Sat-Sun: 10 am-8 pm.


  • For the basic exhibition regular ticket: 25zl
  • Reduced ticket: 15zl

*For more info, you can check the website  of the museum

Copernicus Science Center

Looking for something what to see in Poland, and moreover something to be fascinated by, you cannot pass by Copernicus Science Center. This places will remind you your childhood when every new thing is exciting and makes you wonder. As you might know, Copernic is a worldwide known  astronomer who created  a model of the universe that placed the Sun rather than the Earth at the center of the universe. His contribution into science is  the reason why the science center took his name. More than a static museum, you can touch and interact with the exhibitions, which are really fascinating and make you closer to new technologies.


Fryderyk Chopin Museum
It is one of the most popular museums in Warsaw and is considered to be a hot spot for tourists. If you are into beautiful classic music, you must go to the Chopin museum, which offers multiple chambers where you can see notes of Chopin while listening to the magical piano melodies. There is also a chamber with bunches and chairs equipped with headphones and interactive books from where you can choose the melody you want to listen to.


Address:  The Gniński Palace (Ordynacki Palace)
Opening hours

  • Tuesday–Sunday: 11.00 am– 8.00 pm.


  • Normal ticket: 22zl
  • Reduced ticket: 13zl

The   eligible   people   for   the   reduced   fares   of   tickets   are   the   students   from   European   country   and under 26. They must show their ID and student card at the entry of the museum. 

If you want to explore even more museums in Warsaw, our previous article will help you to find free admissions days!


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