Best Reasons To Participate In Erasmus Program

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | April 19, 2017

Curiosity, excitement, enxiety, parties, friends for life,travelling, life change, good food, and this is not the whole list of words defining Erasmus!


If you are reading this post, it is either because you are looking for a good reason to participate in Erasmus Program or you just wanted to get to know more what Pepe Housing Blog is all about. In any case, Pepe Housing Team is happy to welcome you here and want to tell you top reasons why you should pack your stuff and say “good bye” to mama.

Discovering New Culture


One of the greatest things about going abroad or more specifically participating in Erasmus program is that you get a unique opportunity to discover new culture. Living your life to the fullest back home is not the same as living in another country. Erasmus program is not only about studying in another university and taking additional courses, which would give you extra knowledge. Being an Erasmus participant is also about meeting new people, exploring other country’s traditions, tasting different food, and understanding the daily things around you from the different perspective.

The benefit, which you can get from meeting new people is that you have a great opportunity to learn the true personality of specific country’s nation. While spending time and interacting with foreigners, so many stereotypes can be rejected. Studying for 6 months in Germany and making friends there, you may reject the stereotype that all Germans are extremely straightforward or unromantic. Erasmus semester in Poland may open your eyes and you will get to know that poles are not Russians and alcoholics, do speak other languages besides Polish, and do not complain that much as it is believed. Apparently, French women do shave and Lithuania is not a part of Russia!

Of course, what can be better than experiencing foreign traditions? Even though it may be a little bit sad that you cannot spend Easter with family at home and your younger brother will get ALL the chocolate eggs in your family yard, celebrating holidays in the foreign country with locals can be so much fun. You may actually get to know how different the traditions around the world are and ask locals to tell how they appeared in the first place.

Good food is another point why every students should go for Erasmus program. Of course, you will miss your favorite peanut butter or vegemite. Yes. You can still buy them in the shop of Erasmus country. Yet, you will not be able to buy legendary Polish zapiekanka, Rome ravioli, Belgium waffles, and Lithuanian kepta duona in your country. That is why, you should take advantage of such precious opportunity to enjoy the deliciousness of these foreign treats!

Being a participant of Erasmus Program also means observing  foreign people’ behaviour on every day basis.  Suddenly, the rainy weather does not spoil your day anymore because it is an excuse to have some delicious cappuccino with your Italian roommate. You stop being nervous about the presentation on Macroeconomics, because your American easy going classmate claims that even though she did the presentation not that well, she still deserves that Starbucks coffee and two cookies! You start perceive things happening around you differently and you pick up great attitudes of other people about things that might make you sad or annoy you before.

Re-discovering Yourself


Spending time with internationals, attending different events,and participating in various activities, you will get a chance to re-discover your personality. Being an Erasmus student helps you learn not only about other people, culture, traditions, and beliefs, but also about yourself. After coming back from Erasmus exchange program, students tend to pick up different habits and perceptions. The attitudes toward certain things may alter afterwards, that is why friends and family may claim that the student has changed. In addition, students re-educate and find a better version of themselves. It is also proven that people who have been Erasmus participants are more tolerant toward others’ feelings and perceptions, more open toward new experience and opportunities, and more broadminded. Erasmus experience gives them a new desire to approach life differently, grasp every opportunity to live it to the fullest, and appreciate every moment.

Each Erasmus experience is unique and each of them gives you a chance to pick up the best lessons. You may get to know how strong somebody’s faith in God is, how loyal people in their relationships are, and how different the attitude of “this” country’s people toward animals or environment is. Being an Erasmus participant is a unique opportunity to learn more from others and implement new ideas in your country. It can be either more serious treatment of environment in your city, action of care of animals in shelters, or volunteering for orphanage. Re-discovering yourself is one of the more priceless outcomes of Erasmus Program.

Getting An Erasmus Grant


Either you study or do your internship with Erasmus program, one of the biggest advantages is that you get an Erasmus grant, or namely, Erasmus scholarship. Each year Erasmus program provides grants for covering the basic expenses such as accommodation, food, and transportation. The amount of the scholarship depends on Erasmus destination and is mainly based on the level of demand from receiving institutions like universities and organizations. This allows Erasmus students spend their own money for additional activities and events, which definitely positively contribute to students’ Erasmus experience.

Learning Foreign Language


If you have been looking for a perfect moment to start speaking German or French, picking the specific Erasmus destination will give you an opportunity to improve your skills. You will get in natural environment where the language is spoken, so it will be much easier for you to start practicing and using your theoretical knowledge. Making the locals your friends is a good idea as you will be constantly communicating with native speakers. Keep in mind the fact that your Erasmus university may also offer language courses for Erasmus students. After being fully involved in learning foreign language during 6 months of Erasmus program, you will go home with an amazing baggage of knowledge about the Erasmus country gotten from locals and great level of language skills.

Meeting New People


Meeting new people abroad is, of course, an obvious plus, which should not be even discussed. Yet, we would like to emphasize the fact that young people do not meet only new people but also friends or soulmates for life. This is the most important point here. There are so many couples and best friends who are thankful to Erasmus program for a chance to meet and get to know each other. After spending just a semester or a year together, some of them already have families and best friend relationship, making their life so much worth. We are not pointing out that Erasmus is an only chance for you to meet the love of your life but just saying that there is a chance that your “person” may be in another country in the same Erasmus University!



Traveling is another obvious part of Erasmus Program, which makes it special. Being a participant of Erasmus program, you may get a feeling that there is so much happening for students in any Erasmus destination. You are told either about festival in the neighbor country, trip to another city, or walking tour around. When you get a chance to participate, grasp this opportunity because this is one of the ways to get the most out of your Erasmus semester. You will be able to learn about the culture and history not only of Erasmus country, but also of others; this is a truly unique opportunity!

Being Different


If you still do not get the idea of how Erasmus experience useful is, maybe the advantages for your career future will interest you. Having identified an Erasmus Program Participation in your CV, you automatically stand out among others when applying for a job. The person who has spent long time abroad is more broad-minded, open, adaptable, sociable, and flexible. These are ones of the most attractive qualities that employers like their employees to possess. Therefore, Erasmus experience will give you not only great memories about your crazy time spending abroad, but also some character traits, which will make you different from other people in a good way. Event though, you may not notice any change to your personality, Erasmus program does leave a significant footprint.

Do not hesitate to comment below and share your opinion whether it is worth to participate in Erasmus Program!


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