True Polish Restaurants

Posted by PaulinaSpadlo | October 17, 2016

Having a hard time finding an authentic polish restaurant? Or you still haven’t tried real polish food? There are many restaurants to choose from but we will advise you the best! 🙂

Dawne Smaki

Address: ul. Nowy Swiat 49, Warsaw 00-042
The restaurant is located in the heart of Warsaw, in the warmer seasons there is possibility to eat in the garden. “Dawne smaki” offers qualitative polish food which is very nicely served. It is a hidden gem of Warsaw where you can eat delicious dinner often accompanied by live music. The prices are rather medium-high, for example pierogi cost around 25pln.

U kucharzy

Address: ul. Dluga 52, Warsaw 00-241
“U kucharzy” is a restaurant with nice ambience & high standards. The place has in the offer lunch menu which is a great opportunity to try delicious polish food at low price – 25pln. The dishes from menu are rather mid-high price and the choice isn’t wide, however, it is a nice option if you are on a budget.

Stara kamienica

Adress: Widok 8 Street, Warsaw 00-023
“Stara Kamienica” is known from its intimacy and elegance, it is considered exceptional. The cost for a dish with meat is from approximately 50pln – 80pln, so the prices are rather high. But, thanks to business lunch options, even students can afford dining at such places. There is possibility to eat 3 course dinner from 12-16 for 20pln only.

Stary dom

Address: Ul. Pulawska 104/106, Warsaw 02-620
Amazing place to take your date for romantic dinner, especially closer to Christmas when the restaurant is beautifully decorated. The prices of main dishes go up to 50 pln which is very reasonable, the service is polite and portions big. Almost all of the dishes are with meat but it is commonly known that polish cuisine isn’t vegetarian friendly.


stary dom


Dom Polski

Address: ul. Francuska 11, Warsaw 03-906

“Dom polski” is an old-fashioned polish restaurant which is tempting with extraordinarily served dishes. The costs of dining there are relatively high – main dish from 50 pln – 100 pln but if you have some special occasion it seems like a right place for it. The restaurant has in offer delicious desserts which you (if you go there) shouldn’t omit.

Most of those restaurants offer meat dishes, so if you’re a vegetarian we invite you to read this article. As well, these are options for qualitative polish meal, so most likely save it for special occasion. 🙂

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