The Ultimate Guide On How To Find An Internship Abroad

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | April 20, 2017

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn!”, Benjamin Franklin.


After graduating your university, some of you probably want to give yourself like couple of months for a rest from all the classes; yet, there are also those individuals who cannot wait to get some professional experience and are ready to grasp any opportunity. For those enthusiasts, doing international internships is the best option, as it is not only the best way to get some experience but also to explore other countries.
Thinking of doing internship abroad, you may get a little bit anxious about placements abroad, how to find paid internships, where to live, and how to deal with documents. Hold on for a second.

It is too many questions at the same time! That is why you need a plane or, better to say, a guide, which will help you organize the ideas together and accomplish what you want.

Where Should I Do My Internship?


This may be one of the most important questions to ask as on this depends the entire internship experience. It can be any of European countries, which you are interested in the most.

Check the regular salaries for interns and the expenses you will have there; therefore, make sure you can cover the expenses with the payment, so you would now spend most of your savings.

For How Long Should It Be?


Usually, internship can take from 3-12 months, but it is up to you to select how long you want to do your internship in foreign country. There is a possibility that you may not like the internship placement, so consider that you will be able to leave only when the internship ends. Perhaps, it is better not to go for 12 months right away, but extend it, if you like, later by asking your supervisor to take you for a longer period.

Sometimes, students try to apply for summer internships abroad only, in order to catch lovely sun and also, along with work, spend some time on the beach.

What Kind Of Position Do I want?


This question is quite important as it decides whether you are suitable for specific position. You should, first of all, ask yourself what you are capable of doing. Do not lie in your CV as people there will expect you to be able to do things, which you wrote while applying. If you know Spanish on elementary level, do not lie about your language skills being on higher level. If you know only the basics of HTML, do not lie that you can program fancy websites, as your supervisor may ask you to during the internship.

The best thing would be to tell the truth and also emphasize that you have lots of motivation to improve and learn!

How Does The Process Of Applying Look Like?


It is always important to get to know about the legal side of the application process. Even though you may be a European citizen, several countries still require specific visa for paid internship. China, Australia, and New Zealand, are those countries, the visa requirements of which may make the application process more complex.

Where Can I Find Internships Abroad?

Below you can find a list of websites, which will help you to find the placement abroad.

  1. Erasmus Intern 
  2. Eurasmus
  3. Glassdoor
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Work Space Europe


Also, do not underestimate the power of google or internships list in your university. A good internship can be a matter of luck; yet, those who want to find, will find!

*Tip: If you are planning on going for internship, the best idea is to start looking for accommodation in advance. In this way, you will be sure to have a place to stay when coming to another country. If you need any help, do not hesitate to contact  Pepe Housing. We will be more than happy to help you find your perfect place!

If you know more useful tips how to find an internship abroad, do not hesitate to share with us in comments!

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For all students out there: Don’t underestimate the power of networking! Networking is not only a good way to acquire friends, acquaintances but also endless opportunities waiting for you! And my biggest tip….Use social media in a smarter way! 🙂

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