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Posted by Natalia Kacprzak | December 16, 2016

Are you coming to Warsaw for Erasmus Student Exchange at Kozminski University?


Great! This post is dedicated to you! Below you will find all the information you need to know about Kozminski University.


Kozminski University is a private business school in Warsaw. The university is considered to be one of Poland’s highest rated private universities. It was established, not long ago, in 1993 and named after a Polish professor of economics and entrepreneurship. Kozminski University holds the triple crown accreditation (EQUIS, AMBA, AACSB), which less than 1% of school business worldwide hold. The university runs programs in Polish and in English at bachelor, master, postgraduate, MBA and doctorate levels.

The campus area is about 3,4 hectare and consists of four buildings. 3 cafeterias, a bookstore, 2 photocopying offices, 5 coffee machines, a cash machine, a post office are available for university students. Kozminski has 5 student organization offices where students might socialize and gain some professional experience. Also, there is a video of Kozminski Campus. Enjoy!


As any other University, which offers Erasmus exchange program, Kozminski University also has ESN (Erasmus Student Network).  They define themselves as “an European student organization whose purpose is to promote and develop international student exchange programs, especially Erasmus”, ESN of Kozminski University  on Facebook. People in this students organization are great individuals who make Erasmus experience for other students unforgettable. If you follow their Facebook page, you will be able to know about many parties, events, trips, and meetings organized in your Erasmus University.


The campus is located in Praga Północ (Praga North), which is very well connected with the city center and other living districts like Wola, for example. Nearby metro station and multiple bus and tram connections make the area easily accessible.

Praga is a district situated on the east side of the Vistula river bank. The district has undeniable charm. Many pre-war houses and countless shrines are attracting both Warsaw residents and tourists. Praga, often considered as neglected and dangerous district might surprise with numerous hyped bars, clubs, and restaurants. Considerable lower rental prices are attracting young artists and creative Warsawians to live and work in historic buildings of Praga. That might be one of the reasons why plenty murals and art installations can be found in this neighborhood. Football fans and mass event lovers will find the National Stadium hosting the biggest sport and music events in Poland.


Commuting to Kozminski University might be a headache for the ones living in distant neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the University campus is not located close to metro station. The closest station is Dworzec Wileński from, which you can catch a direct tram (5 tram stops) to the University. We highly recommend checking public transport connections to avoid spending 40 or 50 minutes on buses and trams. On this website you can check the most convenient connections.

The best option, of course, would be finding a flat near the university. You can check Pepe Housing website for finding your perfect place for Erasmus Semester.

Places Around Universities

Even though the university has its own cafeterias, some students still prefer to eat out. There are plenty of places around to eat where both foreign and polish meals are served.  Some of them, we would like to mention are:

To Lubie

(People claim that the best breakfast in Warsaw is served here!)


This cute Polish cafe serves various breakfast, delicious sweets, and great drinks (both hot and cold).

Address: Freta 8, Warsaw


Yet, if you are more traditional food lover, this place is a perfect fit for you. Polish dumplings (pierogi) are amazing there, so this is a place must visit!


Address: ul. Freta 18, Warsaw

We hope you have a wonderful Erasmus semester in Kozminski University in Warsaw! Do not worry to check out our Warsaw City Guides before coming 🙂

Kozminski University Official Website

Kozminski University ESN Facebook

Kozminski University ESN Instagram

Pepe Housing Erasmus Flat

Jakdojade (Public Transport Application)


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I am a portuguese student and in the beginning of february I am going to study to Kozminski University.

I am looking for a room near to the university and with good acessibilities to the city center. I would like to pay up to 280€. Do you have any suggestion for me?

Thank you in advance.

Tiago Marques

Hi Tiago,

Thank you for your message! We will do our best to help you find a perfect room in Warsaw 🙂
You can expect an e-mail from one of our team members.

Pepe Housing Team

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