University Guide: Krakow University of Economics

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | February 17, 2017

Are you coming to Krakow for Erasmus Student Exchange at Krakow University of Economics?

Great! This post is dedicated to you! Below you will find all the information you need to know about Krakow University of Economics.


Krakow University of Economics is located in the leading academic center and very popular destination. Among other universities in Poland, it is the country’s largest university of economics, which started its operation in 1925. It is also important to mention that it was the first institution of higher education in Poland that offered studies in English in the early 1990.

Around 23,000 students study there and can choose one of five faculties: Economics and International Relations, Public Economy and Administration, Finance and Law, Commodity Science, and Management.  Krakow University of Economics gives its students a possibility to visit other countries abroad for scientific purposes, internships, and various training programs.

               The university believes that international students do not need to know Polish to study in Poland.   Krakow University of Economics welcomes international students and offers them number of courses in English.

The campus of the university has both historic and modern buildings, in-door swimming pool, fitness room, conference rooms, and full-sized gym. The university is also equipped with modern lecture rooms, specialized laboratories, computer rooms (with 323 workplaces), and library, which create a perfect atmosphere and environment for studying and research.



                       In the campus of the university, students can also find a place to have a lunch. There is a canteen, where students can pay for meals in advance and get food for specific period of time.

                      If students would like to try some traditional polish cuisine, then they can go to the bar “Wall Street”. Nobody has forgot about pizza lovers; the pizzeria “Azzuro” is next to the campus as well.  Foк snacks and cold beverages, university community can also use vending machines around the university.

Krakow University of Economics is situated in the very center of the city, which basically means that students and university community can reach the place really easy. The campus is located at 27 Rakowicka Street.



The neighborhood of the university is amazing as there several historical places where students can go to explore polish culture: St. Mary’s Basilica, Barbakan Krakowskij, Muzeum Armii Krajowej im. Gen. Emila Fieldorfa “Nila”, and  Brama Floriańska. Such amazing historical attraction will make you wonder even more about Polish culture. 



If you are going to study in Krakow University of Economics,  and you are still looking for an Erasmus flat or room, make sure you take a look at our offers.


Have a wonderful time in Krakow!

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