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Posted by Szymon Chmiel | January 10, 2017

Are you coming to Warsaw for Erasmus Student Exchange at Warsaw University?

Great! This post is dedicated to you! Below you will find all the information you need to know about Warsaw University.

university of warsaw

The University of Warsaw is the largest university in Poland established in 1816. The University offers some 37 different fields of study, 18 faculties and over 100 specializations in Humanities, technical as well as Natural Sciences. The UW was listed on 100 best European universities published by University Web Ranking and was awarded with number 61. What is more, since a couple of years this university is regularly named the top Polish university.

university of warsaw gate

It is the seat of the rector of the University of Warsaw and a large part of the university buildings, mostly historic, built in the nineteenth century or even earlier. Important objects in the campus are: Kazimierzowski Palace, Uruski Palace, the Old Library, the Main School, and Auditorium Maximum.

The Warsaw University Library building is just a short walk downhill from the main campus, in Powiśle.

university of warsaw campus area[source]

Main campus of University of Warsaw is located in the city center, adjacent to the Krakowskie Przedmieście street. It comprises several historic palaces, most of which had been nationalized in the 19th century. Other departments are located all over Warsaw.

warsaw old town

Śródmieście is a central district of Warsaw embracing the oldest part of the city (Old Town and New Town), as well as new built-up area established after World War II at the site of destroyed neighborhoods. In this part of the city you will find the most representative buildings and places in Warsaw. Here you can find Presidential Palace, Ujazdowski Park, Royal Castle, Pilsudski Square, and some important capital monuments such as the Palace of Culture and Science, Old Town (Royal Castle, Sigismund’s Column or Cathedral), or a tremendous Łazienki Royal Park. Also unusual landmark such as artificial palm tree on the De Gaulle roundabout can be found in Śródmieście.

warsaw bathrooms park

If you have classes at the main campus this communication should not be a problem, because it is located in the city center. Other departments ale located in various districts but also in convenient locations in Warsaw.

We highly recommend checking public transport connections to avoid spending 40 or 50 minutes on buses and trams. On this website you can check the most convenient connections.

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