Valentine’s Day is coming! Get Lucky and Win Two Cinema Tickets!

Posted by Viktoriia Rabcheniuk | February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day

                    Valentine’s day is coming and if you do not care about it you can spend SAD (Single Awareness Day) instead on 15 of February! This is the day when all single people can proudly stand up and show that it is OKAY to be single!


                       Anyway, while you are still processing the fact that this day does exist, let us bring to your attention the day of love, romantic mood, time with your beloved one, and, of course, the fact that is it one of the most commercialized celebrations among others!

*Nearly 150 million cards are exchanged each Valentine’s Day!

Say whaaaat? Yet, ignoring those negative facts about this day of love, it is a right time to think how you are going to spend Valentine’s day.


Valentine’s day activities

                   Looking for ideas for Valentine’s day, you start consider the most romantic places your soulmate may like. Valentine’s day in Warsaw may be spent in one of those romantic and quiet cafes or restaurants in Old Town. It does not matter whether you spend your Valentine’s day in Krakow, Gdansk, Warsaw, or Wroclaw, there are bunch of places where the blend of delicious food and romantic atmosphere fits such a special occasion.

Below, we have prepared some romantic places for Valentine’s day dinner in several cities in Poland.


  • BISTRO LA COCOTTE – ul. Mokotowska 12
  • Manekin – ul. Marszałkowska 140 or ul. Plac Konstytucji 5
  • Stara Kamienica – Widok 8 Street,
  • # 31 Restaurant&Bar – ul. Nowogrodzka 31
  • Hoza  – ul. Hoza 25A



  • Restauracja Starka – ul. Jozefa 14,
  • Old Town Restaurant Wine & Bar – Ulica Swietego Sebastiana 25
  • FAB Fusion – ul. Berka Joselewicza 17
  • Restauracja Padre – ul. Wislna 11
  • Bistro 11 Food & Wine – ul. Rakowicka 11



  • Wine Bar & Restaurant Literacka – Ul. Mariacka 50/52
  • Prologue Restaurant & Bar – ul. Grodzka 9
  • Goldwasser – Dlugie Pobrzeze 22
  • Rada Miasta – Korzenna 33/35
  • Restauracja Targ Rybny – Ulica Targ Rybny 6C



  • Bernard Piwiarnia – 35 Rynek
  • La Maddalena Restaurant – Wlodkowica 9
  • Pod Papugami – ul. Sukiennice 9a
  • Mleczarnia – Wlodkowica 5
  • Siesta Trattoria – Ul. Sliczna 22a/5


After the dinner, there is an old good tradition to take your girlfriend to the cinema and share a big bucket of popcorn while watching a good movie. For such occasion, Pepe Housing  decided to give a chance any person in Warsaw, Wroclaw, or Krakow to win two tickets to the cinema for the movie of winner’s choice.


There are 3 simple steps to take in order to enter the contest!

  1. Like Pepe Housing page
  2. Share this post
  3. Tag a friend with whom you would like to go to the cinema in comments

The contest starts today (08.02.2017) and the winner will be announced (12.02.2017).

After the contest is over, Pepe Housing team will contact the winner who will get two tickets for the movie of interest either in Cinema City or Multikino. The winner also can choose the date of tickets validity.

Valentine’s day gifts 

Of course, spending an amazing evening and having Valentine’s day dinner in romantic Krakow or Warsaw, can make this special day unforgettable. Yet, if you would like to surprise your boyfriend/girlfriend, make sure you take a look at our Valentine’s day gift ideas!


(The gift list goes from the gifts for “the person I just met and something is about to happen” to “love of my life”)

1) Jar of Nutella

2) Socks with food background

3) Box of Reese’s mix (because who does not like Reese’s, seriously?)

4) A cute sleep mask

5)Twister (to play together once)

6)Cool travel notebook for notes

7)Ice cream kit (chocolate sprinkles, waffle cones, different syrups, Oreo cookies,gummy bears, etc)

8) Good book (which you have already read, to have something in common)

9) Wallet/watch

10) Cool cactus (they do last longer than flowers)

11) A perfume

12) Headphones/ phone case

13) Starbucks cup

14) Home cookies in form of heart

15) Adorable mug with cute phrase

16) Gloves/ hat/ scarf (“I want you to be warm this lat month of winter” kind of thing)

17) Sport clothes (if she/he is active, in other case it would be like “you should do sport”)

18) Bath relaxation kit

19) Musical instrument is she/he dreams to play one

20) All seasons of his/her favorite tv sitcom

21) Portable record player

22) Cute underwear/ pajama

23) Polaroid Snap

24) A song (of course, if you play any instrument)

25) Hand made illustrated book of favorite movie (for Hobbit, Harry Potter,  The Lord of the Rings fans)

26) Trip to the country you wanted to travel together

27) Gift coupon for spa salon for couple

28) PS4 (works for both girl and a boy)

29) Earings/bracelet she wanted so much

30) Breakfast in bed

                 If any of those gifts still do not work for you, then remind yourself what your soulmate likes the most, adores the most, or dreams about. If can be that cute phone case from online store, big box of kinder surprise chocolate, or a ticket to karting. Use your imagination!

Celebrating Valentine’s day on distance is also possible! Guys, you can take advantage of the flowers delivery and send the flowers to your soulmate in such special day. You can also ask the friends to help you out! As for girls, you can order his favorite cake, which says “to my Valentine”. Dedicate some time to your beloved one and appreciate every moment!


Happy coming Valentine’s day everyone!



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